Ananka Group is among the best Fasteners Manufacturer in India. Fasteners are a vital component used in construction, manufacturing, and many other industries. They hold structures and parts together. Since there are many different kinds of fasteners that are available, each intended for a particular use, it is essential to comprehend their principles in order to guarantee the structural integrity and safety of buildings. We will examine the fundamentals of fasteners in this blog, including their varieties and uses.

Types of Fasteners:

  • Screws:

Wood Screws: With a coarse thread and a sharp point for effortless penetration, these screws are made specifically for use in wood applications.

Machine Screws: Available in a range of sizes and materials, machine screws are usually used with nuts or tapped holes.

Self-Tapping Screws: These screws don’t require pre-drilling because they have a sharp point and form their own threads as they penetrate the material.


  • Bolts:

Hex bolts: Easily identified by their full threads and hexagonal heads, these bolts are frequently utilized in structural and building applications.

Bolts for Carriage: Carriage bolts, which have square necks and round heads, are frequently used in wood applications where one side of the wood needs to be smooth.

  • Nuts:

Hex bolts: These bolts are easily recognized by their hexagonal heads and full threads, and they are widely used in building and structural applications.

Lock Nuts: Lock nuts are available in a variety of styles, including serrated and nylon-insert, and are made to withstand loosening from vibrations..

  • Washers:

Flat Washers: Distributing the load and creating a smooth surface, flat washers are positioned beneath nuts or bolt heads.

Spring washers: These washers are designed like springs and provide tension to stop vibration-induced loosening.

  • Anchors:

Concrete anchors: These anchors, which come in a variety of designs such as wedge and sleeve anchors, are used to fasten objects to concrete surfaces.

Drywall anchors: Made of lightweight materials, drywall anchors offer support for gypsum board and other similar materials.


  • Construction:

In order to give buildings and bridges the strength and stability they require, bolts and nuts are widely used in structural applications.

  • Automotive Industry:

Fasteners, such as bolts and screws, are essential for assuring dependability and safety when assembling different car parts.

  • Aerospace:

Specialised fasteners are necessary for the assembly of aircraft and spacecraft because aerospace applications require accuracy and dependability.

  • Woodworking:

Fasteners, such as wood screws, are essential to woodworking projects because they provide a stable connection between wooden parts.

  • Electronic Devices:

Electronic devices use tiny screws and fasteners to hold components in place without adding a lot of weight.Also, we manufacture eye bolts, U-bolts, and Hex nuts

To guarantee the safety and structural integrity of diverse applications, it is essential to comprehend the basics of fasteners. Selecting the proper fastener type for a given application is essential, whether in manufacturing, construction, or do-it-yourself tasks. A sturdy, dependable connection that endures over time can be guaranteed by taking into account elements like material, size, and design. The strength and stability of structures are greatly affected by fasteners, despite their small size.


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