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If your puppy has grown, it is time to give up the exceptional food for puppies and start feeding it with Royal Canin dog food suitable for an adult dog. Usually, this change in food occurs after about 12 months for small breeds and after about 24 months for giant breeds. Man’s best friend needs constant care, and feeding dogs is essential in maintaining good health and avoiding problems that can arise over time and affect your pet. The dog’s diet must be made according to their age, size, and breed, and, last but not least, it must have a Royal Canin Australia type of food adapted to its health problems.

Try to introduce wet and dry food to your dog’s diet, as this will help him develop a strong dentition; at the same time, he will get used to different textures and tastes, so he will react positively when you have to change his usual diet. Observe while your dog likes food and offer various options to stimulate his taste and regulate his digestion. Consult your vet from Australia, as they will give you advice and recommendations, and you can decide together what your dog is fed so that visits to the office are only for routine check-ups and not emergencies.

Choose the Best Option for Your Pet

Regardless of the menu you choose for your four-legged friend, make sure that the food is of good quality to provide an essential nutritional balance and support the health of the immune system with the help of the rich content of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. In the long run, depending on the needs and preferences of the dog, you will decide what type of Royal Canin Australia food suits him because there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of what to feed dogs. Each pet has its unique personality.

That means their menu changes should be approached carefully and introduced gradually, carefully monitoring the dog’s physical and emotional reactions. Constantly monitor the pet’s health and do not neglect signs such as weight loss or gain weight, as these are signs of metabolic problems or severe conditions and are reasons for changing the dog’s daily diet. Many nutritionally balanced foods for adult dogs are formulated for their specific needs. Thus, there are several options for your dog’s diet. Race, height, age, lifestyle, and health matter a lot.

Royal Canin Dog Food for a Healthy Dog

A smaller dog’s metabolism is faster than that of other breeds, meaning they will use much more energy. Depending on their health status, some dogs may need fewer or more calories. The proper formula for a small dog is extra protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Also, the food contains smaller pieces suitable for their stature. Larger species may come with a slower metabolism but a more enormous appetite. Formulas specially prepared for large dogs contain more satisfying pieces of Royal Canin dog food, encouraging them to chew more instead of gobbling up the food.

The low-fat content and the concentrated amount of protein and glucosamine help control weight, minimizing the impact on joints and vital organs. If your pet is active or a utility dog, you can choose a unique formula for an active lifestyle. That will provide your dog with everything it needs to get energy. Also, Vitamin E is suitable for their muscles, helping them recover quickly after a strenuous exercise. As for pregnant females, their diet should be switched back to a diet based on exceptional puppy food to provide them with the extra calories and critical nutrients they need.

A ‘light’ formula can help dogs without energy not gain extra fat. Many dogs may develop sensitivities to a particular food or have medical issues requiring a special diet. In such cases, the vet can establish a diet suitable for the pet’s needs. Talk to your veterinarian or a veterinary assistant if you need help determining the proper diet. If the puppy has grown, it is time to give up the exceptional Royal Canin food for puppies and start feeding it with food suitable for an adult dog.

Royal Canin dog food

How to Feed Your Dog

Veterinarians are often asked how often should the owner feed his dog. Depending on the breed, they usually advise once or twice a day. Your small dog has a smaller stomach and needs more accessible and frequent meals. Similarly, larger breeds from Australia, which tend to gorge on food, need two smaller meals rather than one large one. Swallowing unchewed food can lead to intestinal problems. Contact your veterinarian if you are still determining how often you should feed your dog. For any problem you have regarding your dog, seek specialized help.

Feed the dog in a quiet place, away from the hustle and bustle of the house. Ensure he always has a clean dish on an easy-to-clean surface, such as tiles. If you notice your dog’s bowl slipping on the floor, use a non-slip bowl or rubber mat. Dogs who swallow their Royal Canin dog food unchewed may benefit from anti-choke bowls, as they encourage slower eating, while older dogs – or those who make a mess when they eat – may prefer an elevated food container. If you have other dogs in the house, feed them at the same time but separately from each other to avoid fighting.

Owning a dog comes with many responsibilities, and its diet is one of them. No matter what type of food you decide to give your pet, whether it is Royal Canin or another type, the most important thing to do is to get some information about the best option for your dog. Search its breed, see the difference between feeding a puppy and an adult one, and consider its weight because, as you read before, all these details matter a lot. If you still have unclarities, you better go to the vet instead of offering your dog an unhealthy meal.