Floriculture, a distinct branch of horticulture, focuses on cultivating flowering and foliage plants primarily for ornamental purposes. Typically carried out in greenhouses, this practice involves nurturing an array of plants for large-scale production.

Types of Floriculture

Below mentioned are the types of Floriculture:-

  1. Bedding Plants: These are cultivated for seasonal displays in flower beds and outdoor containers, including annual flowering plants and even some vegetable plants. Production spans January to June, with sales peaking in May and June.
  1. Herbaceous Ornamental Perennials: Mostly non-woody plants like bulbs, rhizomes, and crowns. These persist from year to year. Initially grown in greenhouses, they’re shifted outdoors to complete growth cycles, albeit some may struggle in harsh winters.
  1. Potted Crops: Flowers grown and marketed in containers form the second-largest segment. Their production varies year-round or seasonally based on environmental conditions. They often have a higher price due to the extended time needed for flowering maturity.
  1. Indoor Foliage: Plants with unique leaves, mostly found in tropical regions, serve as ornamental additions for homes and offices. These species grow consistently throughout the year, enhancing interior aesthetics.
  1. Cut Flowers: Grown specifically for individual flower sales, these are tailored for arrangements like bouquets. They play crucial roles in events and decorations, with roses being a prime example due to their versatility in various arrangements.

Floriculture Cultivation Process 

  • Plant Selection: Choose suitable plant varieties based on market demand and regional climate.
  • Land Preparation: To achieve optimal plant growth, prepare fertile and well-drained soil or growing media with the assistance of the Sonalika Tiger tractor.
  • Propagation: Plant reproduction can be accomplished using seeds, cuttings, or tissue cultures.
  • Planting: Transplant or sow seeds at the right time, considering weather conditions.
  • Cultivation: Healthy plants need water, nutrients, and sunlight. Sonalika Baagban tractors help by towing sprinklers for watering, sprayers for pest control, and fertiliser spreaders for nourishment.¬†
  • Harvesting: Pick flowers or foliage at the correct maturity stage for optimal quality.

    Floriculture - Meaning, Types and Cultivation
    Floriculture – Meaning, Types and Cultivation

Floriculture, an artful blend of nurturing plants for beauty and commerce, thrives on careful cultivation, often supported by machinery like Sonalika Sikander tractors. From colourful bedding plants to versatile cut flowers, it creates a world of ornamental wonders.

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