Ever found yourself at a loss of words to express the deep emotions of love and sympathy during a funeral? If yes, you are not alone. Amidst such a somber atmosphere, it is flowers that come to your rescue. The role of funeral flowers transcends being just ornamental and acts as a symbol of respect for the departed soul. 

Funeral flowers have always been a tangible expression of the sympathy that the situation demands and hold a sacred place in the funeral rites. 

Funeral Flowers Vs Sympathy Flowers: 

For most of us both these types of flowers are the same. However, the former is chosen by the family and is quite a large display. The latter is smaller and sent by friends to the bereaved family to express their sympathy.  Sending sympathy flowers is a heartfelt way of offering solace and comfort to the loved ones of the departed soul.

Significance and Symbolism: 

Each flower embodies a unique symbolism; white flowers signify purity; roses represent respect and chrysanthemums serve as a reminder of the temporary nature of life. Flowers are a visual tribute to the departed; They adorn caskets, are a part of funeral processions and memorial services acting as a testament to the life lived. 

Choosing Your Funeral Flowers:  

Channel your inner emotions and align the choice of flowers to reflect the personality, values, and spirit of the departed. What are the different flowers that can convey your messages of love, sympathy, and comfort? Here is the list of popular flowers for you to choose from: 


One of the more popular flowers for the funeral, white lilies symbolize sympathy, peace, and innocence and stay fresh up to a fortnight if properly cared for. Peace lilies as the name suggests symbolize peace and hope. 


These are quite popular as flowers for the funerals as they represent loyalty and sorrow. Care should be taken while choosing the color of the bloom as white represents grief while the yellow variety symbolizes good luck. They last for three weeks. 


Mostly yellow, white, and crimson red roses are sent for funerals. Since yellow roses represent friendship, they are sent by a close friend to the family of the deceased. White roses are sent to convey innocence while red roses convey grief and sorrow. Roses are not hardy enough and stay good only for a week. 


Choose between white orchids to denote purity, yellow for friendship, pink for grace and purple for respect. Orchids if cared for appropriately can last a lifetime.  


Go for white carnations for the purity and purple for grief and sympathy. Pink carnations are usually bought by the mother of the deceased to display her love. 

Funeral Flower Arrangements: 

Flowers for the funeral can be set in different arrangements; a bunch of flowers in a basket as a bouquet or as casket sprays which are generally laid on top of the casket. Wreaths are circular flower arrangements for a funeral. 

Speak the Language of Funeral Flowers:  

Flowers have always been used as a symbol of the cycle of life and death. As words fail, people send flowers to a funeral as a way of expressing themselves. The right flowers can add a sense of dignity and beauty to the otherwise gloomy situation. 

Losing your loved one is never easy. Give a ray of hope to the grieving by sending in sympathy flowers to let them know that they are not alone in the difficult times. The easiest way to send these is by ordering the flowers online and getting it delivered. 

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