The probability of making errors in passengers’ names while making the flight reservation is quite likely. However, wrong names on the tickets can cause dire issues for your trip. Thus, it is best to correct the name quickly. American Airlines favors the customers in such cases and lets you change your name. But there are certain restrictions when changing a name on American Airlines Booking as it depends on the airline’s policy. Passengers must be aware of the policy to change the name without any issues. Read along to learn the name change process and the policy in detail.

How to change my name on American Airlines?

The American Airlines name change online process is the best way to correct a mistake. The official website can be used for this as it is easy to navigate. You may follow the guidelines below to correct the name.

  • Get access to the official website
  • Then, select the “Manage trips” tab.
  • Enter the passenger’s last name and the booking reference, then click “find reservation.”
  • Select the booking.
  • Click the Change Name/Edit tab.
  • Enter the correct name and follow the instructions further.
  • Pay the fee, if any.

An email will be sent with the updated details.


The alternate option to change the name-

Via the phone number-

  • Call the customer service number 1800 433-7300, and you will receive IVR commands that must be followed to reach a representative. 
  • Give the reservation details.
  • Provide the correct name.
  • Make the payment, if required.

Get the updated itinerary via email.

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What is the American Airlines name correction policy?

Take full advantage of the airline’s name correction policy in case of an error so that you can change the name for a minimal fee. The outlines are listed below.

  • Scenarios when you may change name-
    • In case of legal reasons such as marriage or divorce. 
    • Change one or more characters in the first, middle, or last name. 
    • Add or remove prefixes or suffixes.


American Airlines offers two kinds of options- minor name correction and major name change.

  • Minor name corrections are not allowed within 24 hours of departure, as the airline is under the control of the airport during this time.
  • Minor name corrections are applicable on –
    • Same PNR for American Prime American Eagle flights.
  • Major name corrections are applicable on-
    • AA/one world or codeshare flights.
    • The airline will reissue the tickets with a new ONR in these cases.
  • You cannot change the name to transfer the tickets to a new passenger.
  • If you have a TSA pre-Global Entry NEXIUS or SENTRI card, the name change option can be used for major and minor corrections.


Fee as per the American Airlines name change policy

  • Minor name change – Free
  • Major name change – $25 
  • Domestic flight – $200 
  • International flight – $700



Wondering whether it’s necessary to have the correct name on a reservation? Yes, it is incredibly important that the name on the ticket be the same as on a valid government-issued ID. If it is incorrect, the airline can deny boarding, and you may even get into security trouble. Avoid this by correcting the name. For solutions to other queries related to your trip, Talk to a Person at American Air or use the official website to find the best solutions. The airline will be available 24/7 so that your experience is hassle-free.