People migrate to foreign countries for various reasons. One of the most common causes of immigration is settling with a family member already earning money in the country. The United States has been a dream destination for many aspirants seeking better career opportunities or an excellent place to live. Once settled, permanent residents can also bring their dependents to the States. However, certain formalities and legal requirements need to be fulfilled to obtain an immigrant visa. One of the most essential formalities for US immigration is the DNA test. Here is a detailed article about the role and importance of DNA Testing for USA Immigration.

Types of USA Immigration DNA Tests

The following are the relationships for which people usually get USA Immigration DNA Tests:

·   Paternity Test: This test confirms the biological relationship between a father and a child for immigration purposes.

·   Maternity Test: When immigration involves the mother and the child as petitioners or beneficiaries, a Maternity DNA Test for USA immigration is the way to go.

Furthermore, Siblings, grandparents, and grandchildren can be involved in the immigration process, and that will require a Siblingship DNA Test or a Grandparentage DNA Test, which is the DNA Test for USA Immigration.

Process of DNA Test for USA Immigration

The first step in the DNA immigration test is sample collection. If both parties are currently in India, their DNA samples are collected at their nearby collection centers. However, if the sponsor is a citizen abroad, the respective lab will collect their DNA sample in their nation:

1. The case reference number is generated for the Indian tested party.

2. The same case number is shared with other parties who reside in the USA.

3. Using the same case number, the petitioner gets their sample collected in their respective city.

The collection of samples is usually done with the Chain of Custody (COC) method. It means that a person to be tested has to go to the immigration agencies in their country and give their sample under the supervision of the consulate officer.

Documents Needed for DNA Tests for USA Immigration

Both tested parties must submit the original Government ID proof and their copies and two recent passport-sized images and copies of the passport.

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