Are you looking to put your Pittsburgh home on the market for sale? It’s a big decision, and you may be curious how long it will take to sell a house fast in Pittsburgh. Houses remain on the Pittsburgh real estate market for an average of 60 to 90 days. However, each home sale is different, and the timeline may vary depending on the property’s condition, the season, the current mortgage rates, the real estate market trends, and more. Let’s explore the factors that influence the duration of home sales in Pittsburgh.

Selling Your Home Through a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents function as intermediaries and help individuals sell and buy properties. From fixing your property’s price to drawing up a contract agreement and supporting price negotiations, they provide professional assistance to homeowners in a home sale. While their services can be exceptional, they can do little to shorten the duration of the home sale.

Before finding an agent, you must prepare your home for the sale. On average, preparation can take from two weeks to several months, depending on the condition of your property. Larger repairs like structural damage, redoing the roof, or replacing HVAC are usually more time-consuming than minor face-lifts. After completing the repairs, finding a reliable agent to list your home may take another two to ten days.

The real estate agent lists your home on the market, and you look for potential home buyers. You will need to declutter and keep your home ready for staging and open houses, and this process can take nearly two weeks to one month. After zeroing in on a reliable buyer, you may make a contract agreement. However, this step does not assure a guaranteed sale. The buyer must get the mortgage approval after appraisal and home inspection. The entire process can take 50 to 90 days, from contract agreement to closing.

When you sell your property via the traditional method with the help of a real estate agent, you will need to have patience, wait for the right buyer, and close slowly. On average, the home-selling process can take anywhere from 70 to 120 days.

Selling Your Home to a Cash Home Buyer in Pittsburgh

Cash home buyers in Pittsburgh are real estate investors who purchase homes in any condition for a reasonable price. As they buy houses with cash, they eliminate many steps in a traditional home sale. You don’t need to worry about repairs, open houses, appraisals, contingencies, or mortgage approval. Contact them and close the sale in less than 14 days. Selling your home to a cash home buyer in Pittsburgh is a viable option if you want to skip the hassles and get quick cash from the home sale.

Factors That Can Negatively Influence the Duration of the Sale

• Listing your home during winter or when the demand is low can increase the duration of home sales.

• Home buyers may not show interest in a property that is overpriced. Similarly, inappropriate prices may hint at critical issues with the property, making them ignore it.

• High mortgage rates and recession may lead to a lack of interest among homebuyers. As a result, your home may remain on the market for many days.

• Unconventional homes and neighborhoods with high crime rates can also slow down home sales.

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