Everybody is fond of black color, whether that be a dress, footwear, or other things around you. Not only this, but black also looks good on everybody and other materialistic things. People prefer black kitchens and bathrooms to make the place more royal and majestic. On the other hand, it might be challenging to clean it perfectly by removing all the stains. As the surface is black, there might be many scratches and other spots that do not look good, which might also remove the shine that the black gemstones color has. So, it is necessary to clean it properly. If you are confused and looking for the steps to follow while cleaning the black onyx, continue reading the article. This will describe the measures you should take at the time of cleaning.

Benefits of black onyx crystal

Here are some of the significant advantages of the black onyx stone.

●    Protect from negative energy

If you easily attract negative vibes and energy, then choosing Black Onyx is a good idea. This stone can clean your aura and surroundings and help you make the right decisions in your life.

●    Physical recuperation

One of the best healing gems is onyx. This rich, dark stone supports recuperation, especially following protracted sickness or weariness, by boosting energy and fortifying the immune system.

●    Maintain balance

This will also maintain balance in your life. It is said that wearing both men and women will retain their masculine and feminine energies, respectively.

How to clean the onyx black stone?

Here are some of the ways to clean and maintain the stone in the right way.

●    Start with wiping

When you are about to clean, you should start wiping the surface. A cleanser that has an even pH level is advised. This means that regular household powder and liquid might be acidic, so avoiding them is better.

●    Use a soft brush

After wiping, it’s time to rub and scrub it, but it is necessary to note that you are using a soft bristle brush that does not give scratches to the surface. By doing so, you will make the cleaning process easy and quick.

●    Remove the soap

When you are done scrubbing the platform, it’s time to wipe off all the soap and wash it with water. You can use a fresh, soft cloth to clean it thoroughly. It would be best if you wiped the surface after rinsing it because there is a chance that it might be a little bit slippery because of the detergent. But by cleaning it, you will ensure the soap is all clean.

●    Dry

 Then, it must be dried completely. Black Onyx Stone surfaces are susceptible to blotting and stains from prolonged moisture exposure. Pat, do not wipe the water off your onyx with a dry towel.

●    Use a fresh towel to blot any spillage

Onyx is susceptible to moisture damage, so handling spills immediately is better than letting them fester. Instead of wiping any wet off the onyx, which could spread the spill, use a towel to absorb it.

Winding it up

This article summarizes all the steps you need to follow when cleaning black onyx. Remember that cleaning is as precious as applying it. Black Sapphire color looks beautiful, but maintaining it might be difficult for you. By following each step carefully, you can get that spark just as the fresh piece has. So, stay alert and take advantage of all of them.