Explainer videos are a great way to easily convey ideas and deliver messages to your audience. You can use it to explain how a specific product works, you can share exciting news, and tell wonderful stories to your viewers. There’s no doubt that explainer videos are multifunctional and can do wonders for your brand.

In this blog post, we’ll share with you some of the main benefits of using explainer videos for your SaaS. We’ll also share some tips on how you can create a great explainer video for your SaaS product.

1. Define the Problem

The first step in creating an explainer video is to define the problem that your software solves. This is the foundation of your entire video, so it’s important to get it right.

Start by identifying the pain points that your target audience is experiencing. What problems are they facing on a daily basis that your software can solve? Once you’ve identified the problem, you can move on to the next step.

2. Address the Problem

In the next 30-45 seconds, your video should address the problem your ideal customer experiences.

Remember, your video should be short and to the point. You don’t have to go into the nitty-gritty details of the problem. Instead, you can just scratch the surface and show your viewers that you understand what they’re going through.

For example, if you sell cloud contact center solutions, VoIP experts at GetVoIP suggest breaking it down in simple terms and explaining it like it’s a landline phone.

3. Introduce Your SaaS

Once you’ve addressed the problem, it’s time to introduce your SaaS as the solution.

In this section, you’ll want to explain what your SaaS is, what it does, and how it works.

You can also use this section to highlight the main features and benefits of your SaaS.

It’s important to keep this section brief and to the point. You’ll have an opportunity to dive deeper into your SaaS later in the video.

For now, focus on giving viewers a high-level overview of your product and what it can do for them.

4. Explain How Your SaaS Works

One of the most common reasons why people watch explainer videos is to learn something new. In fact, 72% of people would rather watch a video to learn about a product or service than read a text-based article.

So, make sure your explainer video covers the basics of how your SaaS works. This will help potential customers understand the value of your product and how it can help them.

5. Show Your SaaS in Action

Finally, it’s time to show off your SaaS. This is where you get to give potential customers a look into what it’s like to use your product. Consider creating a video gallery on your website or platform where you can showcase various aspects of your SaaS in action. This gallery can include a series of short videos highlighting different features, use cases, or testimonials from satisfied customers.

There are a few different ways you can show off your SaaS. You can use a screen recording to show the product in action, or you can use a combination of screen recordings and animations.

If you use a screen recording, make sure to add some animation to the video to keep it engaging. You can also use animation to highlight specific features or benefits of your SaaS.

6. Explain the Features of Your SaaS

If your SaaS has a lot of features, it can be hard to explain them all in a short video. One way to get around this is to create a video that explains the main features of your SaaS and then create separate videos for the other features.

This will help keep your explainer video short and to the point, which is important if you want to keep your viewers engaged. You can also use this as an opportunity to create a series of videos that you can use to market your SaaS.

7. Explain the Benefits of Your SaaS

In this part of the video, you’ll want to explain the benefits of your software. This is a great time to include video testimonials from customers or data that shows how your software has helped people. You can assemble all these customer data with the help of a customer service virtual assistant.

You can also include a section that shows the pain points of not having your software. This can help drive home the point of how beneficial your software is to have.

8. Tell a Story

Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools a marketer can use to connect with their audience. A good story can help you build an emotional connection with your viewers, which can lead to more engagement and, ultimately, more conversions.

When creating your explainer video, try to tell a story that your target audience can relate to. For example, you could tell the story of a fictional character who is struggling with a problem that your SaaS product can solve. Then, show how they use your product to overcome that problem and achieve success.

Telling a story in your explainer video is a great way to make your product more relatable and to show your audience how it can help them.

9. Use a Call to Action

No video would be complete without a call to action (CTA). Your CTA is what tells the viewer what they should do next after watching your video. Incorporate the call-to-action (CTA) seamlessly into your emails with the help of cold email automation.

In this case, you’ll want to use your CTA to direct viewers to your website or to a demo of your product. You can also use a CTA to encourage viewers to sign up for your email list or to follow you on social media.

10. Keep it Short

It’s important to keep your video short and sweet. The average explainer video is around 1-2 minutes long. If your video is too long, you risk losing your audience’s attention.

In order to keep your video short, you need to be concise with your script. Only include the most important information and get straight to the point. You can always create a longer video if you need to, but it’s best to start with a shorter video and add more information as needed.

11. Use a Professional Voice

The voiceover in your explainer video is critical. You want to make sure it’s clear, easy to listen to, and professional. If you’re a SaaS company, you might be inclined to use one of your own team members for the voiceover. However, that’s not always the best idea.

Not everyone feels comfortable speaking in front of a camera or recording their voice. Your team might be the best at what they do, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best voice for your video.

To ensure your explainer video sounds professional and is easy to listen to, hire a professional voiceover artist. They’ll have the experience and skills necessary to deliver a perfect voiceover for your video.

There are plenty of places to find a professional voiceover artist. You can use a platform like Fiverr, VoiceBunny, or Voices to find the perfect voice for your video. Or, you can work with a video production company that has its own voiceover talent.


In the explainer video, you want to show how your tool solves your audience’s problem and makes their life better. You can do this through a variety of ways, whether it’s by using a character, a metaphor, or a demo.