HD Quiz is a free and popular WordPress quiz plugin with over 8000 daily active users and a perfect 5-star rating. With it, you can create fun and interactive quizzes and place them on any page or post. The plugin developer has added tons of amazing features, but here are some of my favorites.

  • Quiz timer (either for the whole quiz, or for each question)
  • Randomize the question AND answer order
  • Image based answers
  • Amazing support and documentation
  • FREE addons to track how well each quiz is doing, or to limit how many times quizzes can be completed
  • Translatable! You can translate the quizzes into your own language

Developed by Harmonic Design, HD Quiz is amazing at creating fun quizzes that can keep your users engaged on the site for far longer than average. If your quiz is long and contains many questions, you can use the Paginate feature to break the quiz up into multiple parts.

How to add a quiz

Install and activate

Step one is to install and activate HD Quiz from the WordPress repository. Once installed, a new menu item will appear called HD Quiz.

Install page

Enter quiz name and add questions

On the main HD Quiz page, you can create a new quiz by entering a name and then pressing ENTER. You can now select your new quiz to begin adding questions.

HD Quiz main page

Add questions

You can now add as many questions as you want! The more the better as it will help keep your users on your site and interacting with the page for longer.

HD Quiz question edit page

Add quiz to a page or post

Now you can add the quiz shortcode to any page or post to show the quiz!