A modern, convenient online current account from WestStein is very beneficial for entrepreneurs of various levels and just individuals. According to the current rules, an accurate report must be given on a transaction that is of interest to the tax authorities. Have you ever found yourself in such “tense” situations? With an account with the financial company WestStein, you can generally protect yourself from this and other financial-related troubles.

Individual online account: advantages and features

WestStein services are presented to clients in a fairly wide range.

The company is international, and therefore operates at a level that suits business representatives even from different continents.

Opening an online account with WestStein means getting the opportunity to use the maximum range of services that are aimed at:

the most successful and simplified implementation of business activities;

a noticeable reduction in red tape with reports.

WestStein current account opens free and online

Every legal entity and individual entrepreneur working with non-cash transfers/payments needs a reliable online account.

And the advantages that the WestStein online account has are undeniable. It is created remotely using the Internet, opened without any fees, and in the future it can be used for business payments, personal payments, and international payments. There are a lot of options. And each is beneficial in its own way.

This type of account is very popular among freelance remote workers.

And additionally, improvements and updates appear over time. A client who has already created an account can use some new interesting functions and connect new profitable services.

  • It doesn’t take much time to register.
  • A standard form is filled out, which states:
  • Full name;
  • address;
  • email;
  • telephone.

All columns are signed, it’s easy to navigate.

After accepting an application submitted through the website, you need to wait for confirmation. It comes from the manager by phone or online.

Have you opened an account? Now you can carry out transactions in different amounts, in different currencies on different cards or accounts.

Business account: key benefits

For legal entities, there is also the option of opening an account that is completely official for the company or company. It has the following “advantages”:

  • translations in the “b-to-b” format, i.e. absolutely without boundaries;
  • accelerated and completely without any obstacles payments from business partners or consumers;
  • payment for taxes, insurance;
  • transfers of employee benefits or simply salary;
  • reliable and very profitable storage of company funds;
  • the ability to cash out the required amounts at any ATM in the world under quite interesting conditions;
  • opening access for additional persons, for example, from among TOP managers;

You can indicate such an account during government procurement and participation in official tenders within the state or in international tenders;

convenient to use for purchasing various necessary accessories, stationery, etc. for the company.

The most popular languages in the world are available to communicate with employees. Communication is carried out through correspondence with a specialist via online chat, email or telephone.

Information regarding the cost of servicing the selected account option is open. The price is lower than that offered by similar services, which is why we describe in such detail what exactly is included in the services provided during the service, so that the potential client does not get the wrong impression.

Finally, we note that there can be one business format account, or you can open a separate individual account for each branch, regardless of what country it is located in, to simplify control.

By the way, about this. All information about the movement of finances is recorded in the personal account. That is, even a non-accountant can keep reports. Everything is convenient and simple. You can track your expenses and income at any time convenient for you.

It is convenient when the team has a common account that is easy to monitor and manage. The owner can be the head of the company. Then he will be able to track basic statistics. And access is allowed to be selected for several colleagues.

Do you dream about running a successful business? With WestStein online it is more real.

And about the application for phones. It is installed using Google Play or, depending on the version of the smartphone, AppStore. It is always available if there is an Internet connection.

WestStein is modern and convenient. With such an account, the business will work more actively, profits will increase faster, and losses will decrease in proportion to it.