Obtaining the ideal hair serum for your needs has the potential to drastically transform your life! Consider a hair serum as a type of hair treatment. It can help with a variety of your most pressing hair issues, such as frizz, dryness, and style maintenance.   

Although applying a moisturising hair serum may seem simple, choosing the incorrect one can make your hair appear greasy or, worse, completely ineffective. But fear not—here’s the do’s and don’ts of applying hair serum. 

Do: Rinse hair well before applying. 

Hair serum works best when applied to freshly shampooed hair because it is usually a leave-in product. The main objective of the serum is to shield hair from environmental pollutants. It’s useless to use it on unwashed hair. Also, putting it on unwashed hair might make it appear greasy and heavy. After a hair wash, the user may towel dry their hair before using the product. 

Don’t: Use too much serum. 

If serum is applied excessively, the hair may become oily and flat. To avoid this, it is best for people to start with small amounts and increase more gradually as necessary. 

Do: Check ingredients carefully.  

Make sure you thoroughly inspect the ingredients before purchasing a serum. There are many elements in serums that give your hair a glossy coating and keep it from tangling. If more moisturizing ingredients are used, it would be better. 

Don’t: Put serum on top of your head.  

Conditioners and hair volume serum work much in the same way, and the scalp should not get either product. To maintain itself and the roots fed, your scalp naturally creates oils. The strands themselves are what get brittle, frayed, and dead. Your hair will just seem flat and greasy if you apply serum to the top of your head. Just pay attention to length and tip. 

Do: Use a hair serum to manage strands.  

To tame flyaways, let your serum do double duty by substituting it for hairspray or hair gel. All you have to do is run the serum between your palms and then, using both fingers, lightly push it into the strands wherever you like to reduce frizz. A tiny dab of serum can assist in holding damage coming from your roots in place, so this is very beneficial in that case. So, don’t apply the serum directly to the scalp’s surface. 

Don’t: Rinsing the serum after using it. 

Hair serums are leave-in cosmetics that nourish, smooth, and protect hair on its surface. This coating is removed if you wash it off. 

Do: Consider the hairstyle and type. 

Various hair types can benefit from a particular hair serum, depending on the formulation of the serum. Knowing which volumizing serum for hair is ideal for a person’s hair type is key. 

Final thoughts 

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