Love Problem Solution by Istikhara

These days, people face lots of challenges in their love lives that have become so common; it may be because of less trust, disagreement, and many more. But in Islam, Allah has provided many solutions for his children to resolve their problems easily

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  • If you want the best and most effective result, then recite this after Fajr Morning Prayer.
  • After Namaz, recite Durood Shareef five times.
  • Recite Surah Fatiha three times during Namaz.
  • Now, recite This dua given below once –
  • “Ya Hameedu Tahmatta Bil Hamde Wal Hamdu Fi”

Do this for one week. You will get the effects within one week.

Procedure to perform Online Dua to make someone love you madly
You may also recite Allah’s name to make someone love you madly. These are the step-by-step methods for the Dua to make someone fall in love with you.

  • You should recite this dua after Zuhar (Duhr) Noon Prayer.
  • First, go to the restroom take a bath, and then dress neatly and cleanly.
  • Make Wudu and do Salah according to the time.
  • If it is time for a fajr Salah or some other Salah, you must do it.
  • Now, recite Durood Sharif and open the holy book Quran to Surah Yaseen for one time.
  • Do this for one Month. Have faith in Allah Tala. Istikhara For Love Problem

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