Manglik Dosha Remedies Before or After Marriage

Manglik Dosha Remedies Before or After Marriage:- The concept of Manglik Dosha has long been a topic of discussion in Vedic astrology, often believed to have significant implications for marital life. Understanding its effects and implementing effective remedies can be crucial for those seeking to embark on a journey towards a harmonious marriage.

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Manglik Dosha: Unraveling the Effects and Remedies

  • The Impact of Manglik Dosha

Manglik Dosha, or Kuja Dosha, is believed to be caused by the unfavorable placement of Mars (Mangal) in a person’s birth chart. Its presence is thought to bring challenges and disruptions to marital bliss, affecting various aspects of life, including health and longevity of the spouse.

  • Know its Effects and Remedies

Understanding the effects of Manglik Dosha is the first step towards addressing it. Pandit Kapil Sharma Ji emphasizes the importance of approaching Manglik Dosha with a positive mindset. The mantra “Aum Angarakaya Namaha” can be chanted to invoke the positive energies of Mars and alleviate the malefic effects.

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