With the cold breeze making a comeback, it’s time to get ready for winter. The chill in the air and the hot chocolate affair make the winter season everyone’s favorite. The long coats and boots season is all about dressing up in layers to keep yourself warm and cozy. As for men, winter fashion is all about dressing smart and sharp. From trench coats to mufflers to jackets, there are a lot of options for men’s winter wardrobe.

But winter fashion can be a little tricky, especially when you don’t use the right fabrics. You might end up looking bulky and overboard if you go for the wrong fabrics. To help with this dilemma, we are here with a blog on the best fabric for winter for men. We have curated a list of winter fabrics in India that are going to keep you warm while looking stylish. So, let’s get started with the winter fabric essentials.

Top 5 Winter Fabrics in India for Men

When we talk about winter fashion, the right silhouette makes all the difference. You need to opt for fabrics that are warm, comfortable, and not bulky. To guide you in choosing the right material, we have discussed the best fabrics to add to your winter wardrobe below.


Wool is hands down the best fabric for winter for men. It is the obvious choice when it comes to winter fashion. This integral insulator needs to be in your winter closet (Take a note, men!). Woollen fabrics are extremely effective at trapping air and moisture to help you beat the winter chill. Additionally, the material is lightweight, durable, and long-lasting with natural elasticity.

Wool is made naturally, and hence it is a great option for sustainable and conscious winter fashion. You can wear woolen vests and sweaters in check and plaid prints. They look great for informal occasions when paired with long cats and formal occasions when paired with blazers and shirts. There are a variety of wool choices, from merino wool to lambswool.


Nothing says smart and casual like a good old flannel shirt. This classic and evergreen fabric gives off an outdoorsy and laid-back look. Flannel holds heat well and is a great insulator, which makes it the top fabric in the list of winter fabrics in India. This soft brushed textured fabric is moisture-wicking and breathable.

Flannel is available in plaid and checked patterns for men’s and women’s shirts and shackets. Though traditionally made from wool, flannel is also made of synthetic yarns. A flannel over-shirt or shacket is an apt option for light winters and layering purposes. You can pair them with jeans or trousers and mufflers.

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Looking for a winter fabric that is a definite style statement? Shearling is one of your best bets. You can spot men in shearling bomber jackets and leather jackets during winter fashion weeks. Shearling is made from a yearling sheep that has been shorn once. The products are made from the skin and coat of a sheep or lamb.

Faux shearling is a synthetic alternative to shearling and is made from polyester, acrylic, or cotton. Shearling and faux shearling are one of the warmest winter fabrics in India. You can go for a shearling jacket or add a shearling collar to your classic leather jackets to create an uber-chic look. Neutral and dark tones go best if you are looking for a long-term, versatile investment.


Just like flannel, tweed is quintessential in your winter wardrobe and is the best fabric for winter for men. This brit-centric textile looks voguish and gives off professorial vibes. This unfinished woolen fabric is closely woven, making each tweed product look different. If you are looking for winter fabrics that you can use for formal winter outfits, tweed fabric is a great option. This natural fabric has a rough, open weave and is thick and stiff, which adds warmth.

There are a lot of tweed variants, including Donegal tweed, herringbone tweed, and barleycorn tweed.  You can wear a classic tweed coat over a woolen sweater and pair it with woolen trousers for a smart, trendy look. Tweed shirts are also a great option for light winters and as a layering element for chilly weather.


Talking about winter fabrics in India, we can’t miss out on cashmere, right? This luxurious fabric is super soft on the touch. The nap is raised on the wool when finished onto clothing like sweaters, vests, and accessories. Cashmere is extracted from the undercoat of the Cashmere goat and is a high-maintenance fabric. Due to its ultra-fine fibers, cashmere is super delicate and needs constant maintenance. This is what makes this fabric the epitome of luxury and class.

This fabric is an excellent choice for men’s suiting and shirting purposes. You can create cashmere suits for important formal events and look sharply dressed. You can go for either solid cashmere or the check-printed variant to make jackets and long coats. Pair it with a muffler and cap to survive the cold weather like a pro.

Choose the best fabric for winter for men by following our recommendations. Make sure to layer smartly, and you will nail your winter fashion game. And if you want to shop for these fabrics, check out our winter collection at TradeUNO fabric store for the best quality and an amazing shopping experience.