Want to migrate Yahoo inbox to Gmail? Here’s the best solution to do it.

Switching from Yahoo to Gmail can be a personal or professional decision, but it also comes with tons of benefits. Gmail is the top email service that offers many great features for free that even no paid service can offer. It is safe, free, easy to use and a good choice for backup purposes.

Compared to Gmail, Yahoo might win in providing storage capacity per user, but Gmail wins in all other aspects. The email filter search option and the ability to save entire data to the local drive at once are one of its major strengths.

How to Migrate Important Yahoo Mailbox to Gmail?

Since there is no direct method to migrate from Yahoo to Gmail, you have to use the alternative solution. 4n6 Email Backup Software is one of the best and safest solutions for migrating Yahoo Mail to Gmail account. It is user-friendly and allows the user to self-select folders for migration.

This application is efficient and allows you to get your work done in just a few simple steps. We will guide you through the complete steps of the tool. Please read below.

Steps to Migrate Yahoo Inbox to Gmail

  1. Download, install and start the software on your Windows computer.
  2. Click open button and then select Add account option.
  3. Enter Yahoo mail credentials and then click Add button.
  4. The tool will now upload all the Yahoo folders in the left panel.
  5. Now, you may select the folder(s) that you want to migrate to Gmail.
  6. Now, click Export button and select Gmail from the export option.
  7. Enter Gmail credentials and then click the Save button.

So, these are the only steps that you must go through to use the tool. if you want to learn more about the software, read on.

Features of the Smart Software

  1. This application is easy to use. Any non-technical person can use it without any hassle.
  2. The application is efficient and allows you to migrate emails in batch without any restriction.
  3. This app is Windows compatible and can migrate Yahoo inbox to Gmail on Windows 11, 10 and below editions.
  4. It has a search option that allows you to find and migrate emails from specific time frame or header.
  5. This Yahoo to Gmail Wizard is completely standalone and doesn’t ask you setup any email client or download additional settings.
  6. This software is 100% safe and secured. It retains the data integrity throughout the migration.

In Conclusion

Migrating from Yahoo to Gmail is a good option for various reasons, but there is no direct way to do it. Therefore, software like Yahoo backup software is required. This application is feature-rich and efficient and allows you to migrate important Yahoo mailboxes to Gmail.