Immigration DNA Tests in Pune Easy Sampling & Quick Reporting!

Pune is the largest city in Maharashtra state. The success of immigration depends mainly upon your preparedness. Despite completing all the documents, many individuals often need help with visa rejection. This is due to insufficient documents or lack of proof of relationship between involved parties. Therefore, getting a DNA immigration test before applying for a visa and getting a testing report is recommended. Individuals living in Maharashtra can get Immigration DNA Tests in Pune for various countries, including Canada, Dubai, Germany, the USA, Australia, etc.

Method of Immigration DNA Test

The process of the immigration DNA test is as follows:

  • Consultation and Scheduling: The first step in immigration testing is consulting with a reputed DNA testing facility in Pune. They will help you through the method, explain the needed documentation, and fix an appointment for sample collection.
  • Sample Collection: DNA samples are commonly collected through buccal swabs, which are noninvasive and convenient methods. Buccal swabs are rubbed inside the walls of the cheeks to collect the epithelial cells. This whole procedure is repeated on both sides of the cheeks.
  • Laboratory Analysis: The collected DNA samples are sent to an accredited lab for analysis. Highly professional experts use cutting-edge technology to analyze DNA samples, comparing genetic markers to confirm biological relationships.
  • Reporting: Once the analysis is complete, the lab prepares a detailed report of the testing results. This report is then sent directly to the immigration authority.

Accreditations for Immigration DNA Test

We are the only Indian DNA testing company to offer accredited Immigration DNA tests. Following are the types of accredited DNA tests in Pune for immigration purposes:

  • MOJ – Ministry of Justice, for the UK
  • AABB -Association for the Advancement of Blood and Biotherapies, for the USA
  • NATA – National Association of Testing Authorities, for Australia
  • SCC – Standards Council of Canada, for Canada

Why Choose DDC Laboratories India?

DDC Laboratories India is among the exclusive DNA testing companies, offering a wide range of tests, including Immigration DNA Tests in Pune. With vast experience in the DNA testing field, we have been serving the Indian public for many years. We provide accurate, dependable,

and accredited immigration DNA tests in Pune at competitive costs. When seeking an immigration DNA test in Pune, choosing a reputed & accredited facility is crucial. Look for the following factors:

  • Accreditation: Ensure that relevant authorities accredit the DNA test lab and follow international standards for dependability.
  • Experience and Expertise: Look for facilities with vast experience in immigration testing and qualified experts adept in sample collection, analysis, & reporting.
  • Confidentiality: Choose a testing lab that keeps your information confidential by following strict privacy protocols.
  • Customer Support: Look for testing facilities with great customer support that can help you through the method and offer timely help.

We have over 250+ collection centers worldwide. One can visit their nearby collection centers and give their DNA samples for testing. We release the immigration DNA test reports within 8- 10 business days.

To schedule an appointment or for further information about immigration DNA tests in Pune, call us at +91 8010177771. You can also send messages on the number +91 9213177771.