In today’s digitized world, convenience is king, particularly in the realm of parcel delivery. Gone are the days when the only confirmation of a package’s arrival came through the recipient’s message. Before the internet era, querying “Where’s my parcel?” often meant a game of phone tag with the courier service.

The revolution began with FedEx’s establishment of the first package monitoring system in 1979, a major leap forward in quality control and customer service. The integration of barcode technology during the same era enabled the tracking of packages at various checkpoints, giving customers real-time updates centralized around distribution hubs. Now, with round-the-clock internet access, real-time updates on our shipments are at our fingertips, transforming how we send and receive packages globally.

Now that FedEx has acquired TNT Express, allow us to navigate you on how to track your packages and what to do when faced with delivery issues.


How To Track TNT Delivery?

Tracking your TNT delivery can be done in various ways:

  1. Directly via TNT Express Website: Visit the TNT Express website, go to the ‘Track & Trace’ section, select ‘Shipment Number’, and key in your tracking number for up-to-date information on your shipment’s status.
  2. Using Alternatively, you can track your TNT shipment using  17track’s TNT tracking page. Simply enter your TNT tracking number on this page and click ‘Track’ to view the real-time status of your delivery. This tool aggregates information from various sources, offering a detailed and consolidated view of your shipment’s journey.


How To Trace A Number in TNT

Each TNT tracking number holds a treasure trove of information. When you trace your number, you’ll see detailed updates on your shipment’s progress. Whether it’s paused at a sortation center, out for delivery, or has encountered an unexpected delay, your tracking number will keep you informed. This transparency ensures you’re never in the dark about your shipment’s whereabouts.

To help you better understand what each status means, here’s a list we have prepared for you:


Tracking Status Description
Shipment in Transit Indicates that your package is on the move between TNT facilities as part of its delivery route.
Shipment Arrived at TNT Location This status means the package has reached a TNT facility.
Shipment is at Nearest Collection Depot The package is being held at the nearest TNT collection depot, available for pickup.
Shipment Now at the Depot Nearest to Collection Address Your package has reached the TNT depot closest to the original collection point.
Shipment Delivered in Good Condition The package has been successfully delivered.
Delay Due to Authorities Recovery Actions Underway This update indicates a delay caused by interventions from authorities, with TNT working on resolving the issue.
Shipment Delayed in Transit Recovery Actions Underway This status appears when the package has experienced a delay during transit. TNT is actively working to mitigate this delay, which could be due to various reasons such as bad weather, traffic issues, or delays within TNT’s facility​​.
Shipment Collected from Collection Address The package has been picked up from the pickup location.
Held Awaiting Customs Clearance Indicates the package is awaiting customs clearance, a process over which TNT has no control.
Connection Delay Recovery Actions Underway This status is used when there’s a delay in the package’s movement, possibly due to natural causes, and TNT is taking steps to correct it.
Customs has Released the Goods The package has passed customs clearance.
There’s Been a Delay but We’re Working Hard to Deliver on Time TNT acknowledges a delay in shipping but is attempting to deliver the package as scheduled.
Shipment is Out for Delivery The package is with a TNT delivery person and is being delivered to its destination.
Collection Refers to the process of TNT collecting the package from the sender.
Transit Time Change Informs you of any changes in the expected delivery date and time of the package.


What to do if you miss your TNT Delivery

If you happen to miss a TNT delivery, here’s what you can do to resolve the situation:

If the driver has left a “We Missed You” card, simply follow the instructions on the card to arrange a redelivery. If you didn’t receive a card, don’t worry. You can still arrange for another delivery by contacting TNT directly. You’ll need your shipment number and the delivery address handy. Keep in mind that redeliveries are only available from Monday to Friday.

Should you not have your shipment number, your first step should be to contact the sender to obtain it again. If this isn’t possible, TNT offers support through forms and direct contact with their shipment tracking support team to help resolve such issues.

In cases where the driver leaves a “We Missed You” card and you’re unable to arrange for redelivery, you have the option to pick up your package from a TNT Local Exchange point. Typically, you must collect your package within seven days. Alternatively, you can use the FedEx-TNT Local Exchange (FedEx OnSite) service to have your package redelivered to a convenient local establishment, such as a news agency.

Remember, TNT retains information about shipments in its system for approximately 90 days, so it’s important to act promptly to arrange a redelivery or pickup.


Parting Shot

Navigating the complexities of parcel delivery with TNT has never been more streamlined, thanks to the advanced tracking solutions and customer-centric services provided. Whether you are tracing a single shipment or managing multiple deliveries, TNT’s robust tracking tools ensure you stay informed every step of the way. We hope this guide has empowered you with the knowledge and tools to effectively monitor, manage, and address any issues with your TNT shipments.

If you encounter any problems or have specific questions about your delivery, do not hesitate to contact TNT’s customer support. For immediate assistance, you can reach out via TNT’s contact number at 1-800-558-5555. Alternatively, for less urgent queries or detailed support, you may fill out the TNT Contact Form available on the TNT website. Rest assured, the dedicated team at TNT is always ready to assist you with any concerns to ensure your shipping experience is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.