About Powai, Mumbai

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Mumbai’s Powai neighbourhood continues to experience consistent real estate demand due to its wide array of desirable amenities that attract homebuyers, from recreational amenities and educational institutions, beautiful scenery, reliable housing solutions and business hubs (Powai Lake and Hiranandani Complex are two examples) to recreational opportunities and recreational sports facilities that make Powai an attractive location.

This trend of increased real estate demand stems in large part from Powai meeting so many varied demands at once and thus contributing significantly towards maintaining its longstanding attractiveness; Powai’s longstanding popularity is attributed in part due to all these features that attracted homebuyers seeking quality living conditions: Powai Lake and Hiranandani Complex being easily satisfying multiple demands from people wanting all types of necessities! Powai office parks and complexes such as Hiranandani Business Park provide professionals with a similar work/life balance as experienced by citizens in Hiranandani Complex or Powai Lake.

Why You Should Invest in New Projects in Powai?

Unmatched access to Mumbai is available from the Powai neighbourhood. IIT Bombay’s Powai campus features bustling shops, secure roads, and the kind of excellent infrastructure that makes suburban living pleasant.

Powai offers a great work-life balance to its employees in addition to a range of other services like dining options, lodging, and entertainment venues. There is a significant concentration of foreign, startup, and IT-related businesses there.

Price Trends in Powai, Mumbai

You may find the following statistical information useful in understanding the price trends in Powai, Mumbai:

Year Price/Sq. ft
2019 Rs. 29,300/-
2020 Rs. 28,700/-
2021 Rs. 30,900/-
2022 Rs. 31,350/-
2023 Rs. 33,600/-

Disclaimer: The prices displayed here are approximations, not guarantees of accuracy, based on information collected from various sources. Before depending on these estimates, it is advisable to double-check all of the information.

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in New Projects in Powai

1: Prominent Connectivity

This suburb is connected to the city itself by numerous major highways, including as the Eastern and Western Express Highways. Within its limits, one can use public transportation, cabs, and trains.

  • Powai and Kanjurmarg Railway Station are connected by the 3.7-kilometer Jogeshwari-Vikhroli connecting road; the drive takes around 14 minutes.
  • It takes 19 minutes by cab to get to Andheri East, which is 6.6 kilometres away.
  • Central Avenue provides a 1.5-kilometer route that takes seven minutes to get from Powai to the Suvarna Temple.
  • It takes 8 minutes to travel the 2.9-kilometer distance to Powai Lake via the Shankaracharya Marg-Vikhroli Link route from Powai.

2: Top Architects with Best Schemes

Powai is proud of a number of renowned architects and projects, such as:

  • L&T Elixir Reserve by L&T Realty
  • Skyline Suncity by Skyline Group
  • Raheja Ascencio by K Raheja Corp
  • Kanakia Silicon Valley by Kanakia Space
  • Godrej Urban Park by Godrej Properties
  • Hiranandani Castle Rock by Hiranandani Group

3: Famous Commercial and Social Areas

Powai’s plethora of facilities, which include restaurants, entertainment venues, medical facilities, and schools all within a five-minute walk, have made it an extremely desirable area to live.

Academics Healthcare Facilities Recreational Places
The Podar International School Fortis Hospital Powai Vatika
Sathaye College Hiranandani Hospital Powai Lake
IIT Mumbai Powai Polyclinic and Hospital Suvarna Temple
Achievers Academy Nihal Nursing Home Deer Park
S M Shetty School Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital BMC Nirvana Park

4: Employment Opportunities

Travellers from abroad come to Powai in search of employment. Powai’s economic growth has led to a large influx of foreign workers seeking work as well as a number of well-known businesses and establishments functioning here.

  • TCS
  • FIS
  • Sanofi
  • Bayer
  • Wipro
  • Deloitte
  • JP Morgan
  • Prudential PLC

5: Modern Environs

Amidst the creative Powai neighbourhood, known for its opulent resorts and real estate projects, is Nirvana Park, which grows spontaneously by recycling runoff from nearby parks and buildings. Powai is well-known for its serene lake, stunning mountain views, and distinctive environmentally friendly amenities like Nirvana Park, which uses recycled water to make planting beds for sustainable gardening.

Powai’s real estate market has been expanding rapidly as a result of the introduction of new projects in Powai. These initiatives are appealing to investors because they are safe bets with long-term potential.