The glueless wigs apply some techniques and special designs, not only to ensure realistic looks but also to help the wearers get the perfect wearing experience. Here are several techniques that have been used on wigs.

*Pre cut lace:

Pre cut lace applied the technique of hot shear and arc-pressing process, leading to a more close look to your forehead, achieving the perfect fit.

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*Pre pluck hairline:

Pre pluck hairline means applying the technique to pluck the hair to showcase the natural hair growth pattern. To achieve a natural look from sparse to dense, the wigs are experienced pluck technique strictly.

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Pre bleached knots:

Pre bleach knots wigs apply the bleaching technique strictly to ensure the lace similar to the skin tone of black. What’s more, the special technique of tie knots helps the wearers get the invisible looks of wigs.

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Pre styled:

Unique techniques are applied to the hair, leading to the hair backward naturally. The pre styled wigs allow the wearers to wear it without styling hair.

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These techniques on glueless wigs help the girls achieve an easy style to wear and are popular for fashion girls, beginners, pregnant, or hair loss.