The “Pahle Dukan Phir Makaan Yojana” is an innovative initiative designed to revolutionize the retail landscape of Delhi by integrating commercial and residential development under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model with the Delhi Development Authority (DDA). This scheme aims to create a dynamic urban space that combines modern shopping facilities with residential housing, fostering economic growth and enhancing the quality of urban living.

Concept and Vision

The primary vision of the “Pahle Dukan Phir Makaan Yojana” is to develop vibrant retail hubs that are seamlessly integrated with residential spaces. By prioritizing the establishment of commercial units before residential developments, the scheme ensures that residents have immediate access to essential services, retail outlets, and entertainment options. This approach not only boosts local commerce but also creates a self-sustaining urban environment.

Implementation through PPP Model

The success of this yojana hinges on the PPP model, where the DDA collaborates with private developers to pool resources, expertise, and investment. This model is particularly effective in leveraging the strengths of both public and private sectors. The DDA provides land and regulatory support, while private developers bring in investment, construction expertise, and innovative design solutions. This synergy is expected to expedite project completion, ensure high-quality construction, and maintain affordability.

Key Features of the Delhi Mall Shopping Complex

At the heart of this scheme is the development of the Delhi Mall Shopping Complex. This state-of-the-art retail hub will feature a diverse array of stores, ranging from high-end brands to local businesses, providing a comprehensive shopping experience. Key features include:

Strategic Location: The complex will be situated in prime areas with high footfall potential, ensuring maximum visibility and accessibility.

Modern Infrastructure: Equipped with cutting-edge facilities, the mall will offer an enjoyable shopping environment with ample parking, security, and recreational areas.

Mixed-Use Development: Integrating residential units within or adjacent to the shopping complex, promoting a live-work-play dynamic that enhances urban living.

Sustainability: Emphasis on eco-friendly construction practices and sustainable design to minimize environmental impact.

Benefits to the Community

The “Pahle Dukan Phir Makaan Yojana” is poised to offer numerous benefits to the community, including:

Economic Growth: By attracting businesses and creating job opportunities, the scheme stimulates local economies.

Improved Quality of Life: Residents benefit from having retail and recreational amenities at their doorstep, reducing travel time and enhancing convenience.

Urban Revitalization: The development of modern infrastructure revitalizes urban spaces, making them more attractive and livable.


The “Pahle Dukan Phir Makaan Yojana,” through its Delhi Mall Shopping Complex under the PPP model with the DDA, represents a forward-thinking approach to urban development. By integrating commercial and residential spaces, the scheme promises to create vibrant, sustainable, and economically robust communities. This initiative not only addresses the growing demand for quality retail and housing but also sets a new benchmark for future urban development projects in Delhi.