In the ever-evolving landscape of the commercial printing industry, Navpack & Print found itself at a crossroads. The traditional methods that had once brought them success were no longer sufficient to keep up with the rapidly changing market dynamics. Recognizing the need for a digital transformation, Navpack & Print decided to partner with SMAC DIGITAL, a leading digital marketing agency, to navigate the complex world of online marketing.

The Challenge

Navpack & Print, a well-established commercial printing company, had a rich history and a loyal client base. However, as the industry embraced digital advancements, the company faced challenges in staying relevant and reaching new audiences. The leadership at Navpack & Print realized that a robust online presence was crucial for attracting modern businesses and competing effectively.

The Partnership with SMAC DIGITAL

Enter SMAC DIGITAL, a dynamic digital marketing agency specializing in Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Analytics, and Cloud Solutions. Recognizing the potential for growth, Navpack & Print engaged SMAC DIGITAL’s services to revamp their digital strategy.

  • Strategic Planning: 

SMAC DIGITAL began by conducting a thorough analysis of Navpack & Print’s current digital presence, industry trends, and competitor landscapes. This initial phase laid the foundation for a tailored digital marketing strategy.

  • Website Revamp: 

Understanding the importance of a user-friendly and visually appealing website, SMAC Digital revamped Navpack & Print’s online platform. The new website not only showcased their extensive range of printing services but also incorporated e-commerce capabilities for seamless online transactions.

  • Social Media Optimization: 

Leveraging the power of social media, SMAC DIGITAL created engaging content across various platforms. From showcasing the precision of Navpack & Print’s printing processes to highlighting their commitment to sustainability, social media has become a powerful tool for brand building.

  • Content Marketing: 

To establish Navpack & Print as an industry thought leader, SMAC Digital implemented a content marketing strategy. Blog posts, articles, and case studies were crafted to showcase the company’s expertise, providing valuable insights to potential clients.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

Recognizing the importance of being easily discoverable online, SMAC DIGITAL implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy. This involved optimizing website content, improving site structure, and creating high-quality backlinks to boost Navpack & Print’s search engine rankings.

  • Email Marketing Campaigns: 

To nurture leads and maintain communication with existing clients, SMAC Digital implemented targeted email marketing campaigns. Special promotions, product updates, and newsletters kept the audience engaged and informed.

The Results

The collaboration between Navpack & Print and SMAC DIGITAL bore fruit, leading to a remarkable transformation in the company’s digital landscape.

  • Increased Online Visibility: 

Through strategic SEO techniques, Navpack & Print experienced a significant boost in online visibility. The revamped website began to rank higher in search engine results, ensuring that potential clients could easily find and engage with the company.

  • Social Media Engagement: 

SMAC DIGITAL’s social media campaigns resonated well with the target audience, leading to increased engagement and a growing follower base. Navpack & Print’s social media presence became a dynamic platform for customer interaction and brand promotion.

  • Improved Website Traffic and Conversions: 

The enhanced website design, combined with targeted digital marketing efforts, resulted in a substantial increase in website traffic. Furthermore, the incorporation of e-commerce functionalities led to a rise in online orders, translating digital visibility into tangible business growth.

  • Thought Leadership Recognition: 

The content marketing strategy positioned Navpack & Print as an authoritative voice within the industry. The company’s blog posts and articles garnered attention, establishing trust and credibility among potential clients.

  • Enhanced Customer Relationships: 

Through personalised email campaigns, Navpack & Print strengthened its relationships with existing clients. Regular communication fostered a sense of loyalty, encouraging repeat business and referrals.

  • Measurable ROI: 

SMAC DIGITAL’s data-driven approach allowed Navpack & Print to track and measure the success of their digital marketing initiatives. The return on investment (ROI) was not only evident in increased sales but also in the overall growth and sustainability of the business.


The success story of Navpack & Print’s digital transformation with SMAC DIGITAL illustrates the power of strategic digital marketing to revitalizing traditional businesses. By embracing the latest trends in online marketing, Navpack & Print not only adapted to the digital era but thrived in it.

The journey from traditional printing to a digitally savvy company showcases the importance of staying agile and open to innovation in today’s competitive business landscape. Navpack & Print’s partnership with SMAC DIGITAL serves as an inspiring example for other businesses looking to navigate the complexities of digital marketing and emerge as industry leaders. Together, they have not only transformed the company but have set a new standard for success in the commercial printing industry.