Regarding promotional merchandise in New Zealand, one name stands out: For companies and people wishing to leave a lasting impression with a dedication to quality and a large selection of items, we have established ourselves as the go-to option. We will explore why we are your best choice for promotional pens new zealand and much more.


We Create Custom Merchandise for All Sorts of Companies and Individuals


At us, customization is at the heart of what we do. We offer over 1000 plus products, all made in-house, to fulfill the unique needs of both businesses and people. Whether you’re a band needing eye-catching t-shirts, an artist looking for vibrant stickers, or an event organizer requiring attention-grabbing banners. Our versatility is one of our strengths, ensuring that we can make it happen no matter your branding needs.


Humble Beginnings: From Marquees to Merchandise


Our journey started 15 years ago with a focus on making outdoor printed marquees and flags designed to withstand New Zealand’s harsh outdoor environments. They understood their business’s survival depended on printing quality, especially under the relentless Kiwi sun’s UV rays. This commitment to quality and durability laid the foundation for their expansion into various merchandise products to assist clients in branding across a wide range of products.


Proudly New Zealand-Made


One distinctive feature that sets us apart is our dedication to producing and printing most products in New Zealand. This decision supports local businesses and employment and ensures quality and craftsmanship that is synonymous with the “Made in New Zealand” label. When you choose us, you’re investing in premium merchandise and the growth and prosperity of your community.


Quality Under the Harshest UV Conditions


New Zealand’s outdoor conditions can be unforgiving, with intense UV exposure. We understand this challenge all too well, which is why we prioritize printing that can withstand these harsh conditions. Whether it’s our outdoor marquees or promotional pens nz, you can trust that our products are designed to stand the test of time.




If you’re in New Zealand and need promotional merchandise, there’s no better choice than Our broad selection of goods, dedication to excellence, and emphasis on promoting small businesses in the community have cemented our reputation as a reliable partner for both companies and private customers. So, when it’s time to make a statement with your branding, think – where quality meets customization in the heart of New Zealand.

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