By using road safety products and clothing, as well as managing traffic, you can control and reduce the likelihood of worker injuries.

The construction industry can be a dangerous business, and oncoming traffic creates additional hazards when working on the road, which requires road safety products to be ready. For this reason, road workers should invest in quality traffic protection products and other personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep themselves safe on the job site.

This article is a beginner’s guide to road safety products for all road workers.

Prior to any road construction, the project manager should conduct a thorough risk assessment of the site, indicating any hazards that may arise and the safety equipment needed to reduce them. Some issues must be clarified, such as whether the source of the hazard can be completely avoided, or whether measures are needed to reduce the likelihood of injury.

All road safety products should be provided free of charge by employers to workers who need them. And workers should receive adequate training on how to use them safely to reduce the risk of injury to themselves and others.

In addition to basic work safety equipment (safety helmets, gloves, shoes, etc.), road construction also requires a range of traffic safety equipment, such as traffic safety barricades, traffic undershirts, etc. At night, additional safety equipment (such as headlights and floodlights) may be needed to improve visibility and ensure that all people can see what they are doing and where others are. These devices can also help drivers see construction in progress so they can avoid it.

The following are some of the essential road safety products:

1.Traffic Safety Cones

Traffic safety cones effectively block off construction sites and assist drivers with road navigation. Because the traffic cones are so bright and reflective, drivers will be able to easily see when and where they need to slow down and drive with caution.

2.Traffic Safety Vests

Road construction often takes place at night when traffic is less heavy to minimize disruption and reduce the risk of injury due to vehicles. However, when it is dark, low visibility can pose a greater risk to workers on the road.

The traffic safety vest is fluorescent colored and has reflective strips, so it is very conspicuous in the dark and can be spotted from a distance by moving vehicles. Thus reducing the risk of accidental injury.

3.Traffic Safety Barriers

With road construction sites requiring closures, these traffic barriers not only make it easier to enforce standard safety procedures, but they also facilitate social diversion. With larger barriers on the sidewalk, pedestrians can easily notice where they cannot pass.

4.Traffic Signs

In addition to barriers and cones, traffic safety signs are also a very important¬†types of road safety products¬†because they prevent accidents by keeping drivers informed of road conditions and traffic flow. Since drivers will be aware of what’s on the road, they can be prepared in advance without having an accident.

While there is no way to provide complete protection against hazards, by conducting accurate risk assessments, using road safety products, and managing traffic, you can control and reduce the probability of injury to workers.

This article is just a brief overview of a small selection of traffic safety equipment and hopefully will give you a good idea of the different types of road safety products you need.

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