The raid, as the majority of raids in other games is one that requires a tanker OSRS gold to fight the boss as well as other monsters and DPS players inflict damage on the boss as well as anything else that must be killed quickly to win the battle. While Beastmaster Durzag is able to be defeated using one or three tanks the most effective setup is the tanks of two and eight DPS to make the ten players in a group. Be aware of this when taking on the boss. Since we aren’t looking to disrupt your fun This is the only thing we’re saying about the boss.

If, on the other hand, you’d like to be aware of what you’re in for before you go, or you’re not interested in having fun and want to just get the GG loot there are some thorough instructions on YouTube which you can view. However, we suggest to test the fight without looking at the first. Once you have managed to take out Beastmaster Durzag then you’ll be able to take on Yakamaru, the second boss in Liberation of Mazcab, Yakamaru.

According to legend, Yakamaru used to be the spirit guardian who protected Mazcab’s people, until his corrupted state was caused by an airut Shaman. The magical brainwashing led to Yakamaru fighting for Mazcab’s inhabitants. Although it’s a bit sad to think that Yakamaru was a decent guy at one time, you shouldn’t allow it to keep you from killing it. You’re not a goody two-shoes like Naruto Are you?

If you’re joining this game in the beginning, be requesting to play DPS/Healer since it’s the most difficult. It is always best begin performing more difficult specific tasks when you’re more experienced in fighting and have a better understanding of what’s happening throughout the game. It is recommended to put on Power armor and heal the raid when it is required with equipment that acts as a shield and after that, you can use Heal Other and Heal Group in the event that Barricade is in place.

Yakamaru generally just sits on the ground during each stage Buy RuneScape gold during the battle. It is only moved once his health is exhausted before he can begin the next phase that are five. Additionally, he produces a variety of vibrant jellyfish. If you spot one, stop Yakamaru’s dps and begin to kill the jellyfish. While they’re certainly odd (when has the most recent time you witnessed the baddies use jellyfish to be minion? ) However, they’re also fascinating.