Santosh Physiotherapy College offering top-notch education and physiotherapy training.It was established in 1996 with the intention of offering the standardquality care treatmentand excellent education in the field of physiotherapy.Our professionally qualified, trained, highly skilled and clinically trained staff uses a range of diverse teaching methods at the institution staff provides strategic teaching techniques including theoretical expertise,practical knowledge, group discussion sessions, case studiesand other evidence-based teaching methods has created an innovative curriculum and effective teaching. It promotes comprehensive learning through a combination of classroom instruction with hands-on practical training and community interaction.


Well Furnished Classrooms: The college have spacious classrooms. Desks are evenly spaced together, and the hallways are well-ventilated.Advanced audio-visual teaching tools are also available in every lecture hall. The design and layout of the seminar hall took into consideration of the other factors associated with physiotherapy training and education.The exercise therapy and biomechanics lab at the college is fully furnished. A well-equipped neurological, cardio-respiratory and paediatric units with all the necessary equipment is available for student’s training. Using the most up-to-date understanding and equipment from the most advanced centres of quality manufacturing, it trains effective specialists in the art of easing human pain and suffering.