Spinel is a gem that is available in a variety of colors. Pure Spinel stone is colorless, but impurities owe to a wide range of colors. The most helpful and preferable Spinel color is profound blood red, though blue spinel, black spinel, orange, yellow, pink, and purple hues also make fine gemstones. Spinel is naturally fluorescent in ultraviolet light, which can help identify.

Spinel Gem has a limited supply; thus, gem and jewelry corporations don’t market this gemstone to the consumer.

How To Take Care of Spinel Gemstone

To support the gemstone’s aesthetic impression, clean it with a delicate-bristled toothbrush and a silky cloth.

For durability and to maintain the shine of semi-precious gems, you must keep them in a mild bag or lined box to keep them from scrapes or other unwanted possibilities.

It is worth mentioning that don’t use complex chemicals as they may hamper the gemstone’s attractiveness.

With a Mohs hardness of eight, spinel is a durable stone. Different safe techniques, such as ultrasonic and steam cleansers, are often used for cleaning and caring for precious Spinel Gemstone.

Facts of Spinel Gemstone

The best part is that spinel is available in different colors, including pink, blue, purple, dark green, and Black Spinel. All shades of spinel stone are indeed beautiful and enticing, but red and pink are the most preferable and loving. Mauve or lilac-colored spinels are also quite appealing, and some blue hues are intense.

Spinel is a mineral with a profitable history. It is primarily mined or found in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Thailand, Tanzania, Madagascar, Myanmar, Vietnam, Nepal, and other locations worldwide.

  • It has achieved 8 points on the Mohs hardness scale, whereas diamonds have 10
  • Spinel is frequently found in gravel deposits with high corundum content.
  • Typically, aluminum and magnesium are found in spinel.
  • MgAl3O4 is the chemical formula for spinel.
  • Spinel has a specific gravity of 3.60 and a refractive index 1.718. It is singly refractive and frequently translucent.
  • There is no absolute cleavage in spinel crystals.

Why Do People Wear Spinel Gemstones?

Wearing spinel renders various mental or physical benefits, healing properties, and boosting energy. Let’s shed some light on it:-

  • Weare’s energy level boosts and enhances vitality
  • It seems it is connected with a positive energy fostering joy and inspiration.
  • It also helps in maintaining emotional balance, which leads to reduced stress and anxiety.
  • It is intended to spark originality and creativity and reveal fresh concepts.
  • Develop creative and new ideas in the wearer’s mind.
  • Promotes a sense of stability and calmness that is said to be a good sign of spirituality

Briefly stated

The Spinel gemstone attracts many people because of its beauty, versatility, and durability. It is also used spiritually to keep individual minds calm and stress-free. However, red spinel has been awarded for its beauty and is treasured in many crown jewels.