Autism is a challenging condition for children and families. Because the condition presents itself in unique ways, and it does not have a true cure that can provide relief to families. However, stem cell therapy emerging as a promising treatment. Today we briefly look at three children’s stories who have made incredible progress with stem cell therapy for Autism.

Story of Reyansh

Reyansh was diagnosed with ASD and struggled with communication and hyperactivity. His parents explored various therapies with limited success. They decided to let Reyansh undergo stem cell therapy. Within months, Reyansh significantly improved his communication skills and reduced hyperactivity. He can now speak Hindi and English alphabets, and his journey continues to inspire hope.

Story of Shobit

Shobit was non-verbal, even at the age of three. His parents took him to the doctor and got the diagnosis of ASD. In an attempt to see their son navigate through everyday tasks, they chose stem cell therapy. After, stem cell therapy Shobit has shown remarkable progress, where he can speak basic words, understand instructions, and enjoy social interactions. Read More