Atom, Molecule & Nuclei 6%
Electromagnetism 6%
Interference & Differentiation 6%
Wave Theory of Light 6%
Kinetic Theory of Gases and Thermodynamics 6%
Circular Motion 6%
Ray Optics 4%
Magnetic Effect of Electric Current 4%
Gravitation 4%
Surface Tension 4%
Semiconductor 4%
Electrons and Photons 4%
Communication System 2%
Elasticity 2%
Force 2%
Magnetism 2%
Refraction of Light 2%
Friction in Solid & Liquid 2%
Scalers & Vectors 2%
Measurement 2%

Subject-wise Preparation Strategy for MHT CET

MHT CET Physics Preparation Tips

Physics is a crucial subject for the MHT CET examination. You should understand the basics and formula derivation before solving the problems. Once you get the concept behind the topic you can easily solve simple & complex numericals. Solve mock tests and practice papers to improve your speed and accuracy.

MHT CET Chemistry Preparation Tips

For the preparation of chemistry, you should study the NCERT books. These books contain concepts in a descriptive format that helps you to understand them. Don’t learn the reactions instead understand the mechanism behind these reactions. Learn inorganic chemistry as this is the only way to prepare. Solve as many multiple-choice questions as you can to get an insight into the type of questions and how to answer them effectively.

MHT CET Mathematics Preparation Tips

Mathematics is a very tricky subject. You cannot learn maths the only way to prepare for maths is to practise and practise. 80% course in maths comes from the class 12th syllabus and 20% from class 11. Therefore focus on class 12 and solve as many questions to master speed and accuracy. You have to solve 50 questions in 90 minutes which is a big task.


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