Understanding the signs indicating the need to upgrade your TV helps you plan to purchase a new one at the right time. Let’s explore the characteristics that will help you know when it’s time to replace your home TV with a newer, more modern product in the following content.

1. Outdated TV

Howards.com, a TV-focused website, recommends considering upgrading your TV after using it for a maximum of 6 years. The reason for this is that every year, TV manufacturers can introduce new sound and image technologies. After 6 years, your TV may not be compatible with these new algorithms, leading to ineffective entertainment and usage experiences. An old TV may also develop connectivity issues or display flaws such as dead pixels or screen stripes.

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You can either repair your TV or, ideally, upgrade to enjoy a complete entertainment experience.

2. Screen Size Too Small for the Space

Today’s TVs come in a variety of screen sizes, ranging from 32 inches to 98 inches. This wide range of sizes allows users to choose products that suit their space. If your TV screen is too small (for example, a 32-inch TV in a room over 25m²), it may not provide a quality entertainment experience, especially for large families.

Tivi Sony 77 inch

Design a TV to suit the space and number of members in the house

Therefore, if you plan to move the TV to larger rooms or have just moved to a larger apartment, consider switching to larger-sized TVs such as the Tivi LG 65 inch, Tivi Samsung 75 inch, Tivi Sony 77 inch,… for a more modern and aesthetic device.

3. Incompatibility with Other Devices

One of the signs indicating the need to upgrade your TV is when it struggles to connect with other devices in your home, such as soundbars or amplifiers. This limits the TV to independent operation, unable to connect to other electronic devices to create a superior entertainment space for viewers.

Tivi Sony 77 inch

Upgrade the TV so that the device can be combined with many other electronic products

Especially with the development of modern technology, there are many accessories and products introduced by electronics companies to enhance the user experience on TVs. Therefore, if your TV cannot establish connections with these devices, it will be a significant limitation in future usage.

4. Lack of Smart Features

In addition to image display and sound performance, the features that a TV possesses also greatly support the user’s usage process, such as power-saving mode, voice control, control via mobile apps, etc.

Tivi Sony 77 inch

Turn on power saving mode on the TV

Older TV models may not have integrated these smart features, even with software updates. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a modern lifestyle with convenient control operations, consider upgrading your TV. You can consider modern TV models such as Tivi Sony 4K 55 inch, Tivi LG OLED 65 inch, Tivi Samsung QLED 55 inch,… for example.

These are the 4 signs indicating the need to upgrade your TV that you can apply to monitor your own TV. If you wait until your old TV suddenly stops working to plan to buy a new TV, you may not have enough budget or miss out on many attractive promotional programs that could help you own a TV at a good price.