Air fryers have taken kitchens by storm recently, and for good reason. These handy little appliances promise crispy, delicious fried favorites without all the oil and mess of traditional deep frying. Air fryers are the next kitchen revolution for health-conscious cooks and busy families alike.

Why Ditch the Deep Fryer?

Deep frying was the only way to put irresistibly crispy edges on foods like french fries, fried chicken, and more. But deep fryers can be more trouble than they’re worth between the expense of all that oil and the safety hazards. This is where a fryer shines.

Generally, fryers use rapid air circulation technology to “fry” foods, ideally using little to no oil. The convection heat quickly browns the exterior for a crispy texture while keeping the inside tender and moist. Not only does this significantly cut calories compared to deep frying, but there’s much less risk of burns or fires. The small capacity also requires less oil overall compared to large deep fryers.

More Than Just French Fries

While air fryers make exceptionally crispy fries, their talents extend far beyond potatoes. These versatile appliances can be used to make all kinds of everyday favorites for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert:

Crispy chicken tenders and wings

Veggie fritters like zucchini or carrot pancakes

Egg rolls, taquitos, and other fried finger foods

Reheated pizza or leftover takeout dishes

Sweet treats like churros, donuts holes, and apple fritters

Air fryers can handle small roasts, baked goods, and dehydrated fruits and jerky. Their convection heating technology means you can use a fryer almost anywhere you’d use a conventional oven.

Key Features of the Best Air Fryers

If you’re ready to add the best air fryer to your kitchen lineup, keep these features in mind while shopping:

Rapid Air Circulation

A fryer’s fan and heating element circulate hot air around the food quickly and evenly. Models with more powerful fans crisp up food faster.

Adjustable Time and Temperature Controls 

Programmable settings allow you to adjust cooking times and temperatures to suit different foods easily. Digital controls offer precision, while dial controls afford simplicity.

Large Capacity

Look for an appliance with enough interior capacity to prepare single servings and family-sized portions. Capacity generally ranges from 2-7 quarts.

Safety Features

Models with auto shut-off prevent overcooking or fires. Cool-touch exteriors keep surfaces safe to touch. Nonstick interiors make cleaning a breeze.

The Best Air Fryer for Your Kitchen

The type of air fryer that’s right for you depends on your cooking habits and kitchen space. When choosing the best model, keep these options in mind:

Basic Air Fryers 

Affordable and user-friendly, these do the job for most quick crisping tasks.

Toaster Oven Air Fryers

All-in-one units offer added baking and broiling functions.

Large Capacity Air Fryers

Feed a crowd with family-sized models boasting 5+ quarts of space.

Compact Air Fryers

Tiny but mighty, these small models are perfect for RVs, dorms, offices, and more.


Air fryers take the hassle and health risks out of fried favorites. These game-changing appliances earn their spot-on kitchen countertops by cooking crispy, oil-free food in record time. Ditch the deep fryer and all its drawbacks – the air fryer revolution is here to stay!