Your driver’s licence, passport, and other forms of ID are physical representations that you carry with you. Consider your social media profiles as physical representations of your online identity. 

The way you name the social media platforms for your business may seem like an insignificant detail. But it can make a big difference to how you look professionally as well as the ease with which people can find you on the internet. There is an art to naming social media pages.


Best Tips for Naming Your Social Media Pages


1. Include Your Business Name

It may seem obvious, but this is important to mention! In some way or another, make sure that the name of the brand is included in the title of your social media pages. 

If it’s necessary to abbreviate it, it’s fine. But it shouldn’t become so abbreviated as to not be recognizable as your business’ name. In this blog, we will use Instagram usernames, also known as “handles”, in our examples.


Good: @mcnuttpartners

Bad: @mcp

The second example here is unrecognisable.


2. If Your Business Name is Common, You Can Incorporate the City or State.

It is a great tip for making it easier for your customers to recognize your page. You may not be able to select your exact name if you have a popular one that is already being used. You can make your business name more recognizable by adding the city or state at the end.


Good: @cooltreatsauburn or @cooltreatsauburnal

Bad: @cooltreats

It is difficult for customers, if you have several variations in your business called “Cool Treats”, to locate the page that contains your information.

You can easily check social media name availability using our nickname checker without any hassle.


3. Keep it short.

It may seem counterintuitive, but adding a state or city to your social media page is usually better. The reason people don’t remember names that are too long is that they can be difficult to spell or enter incorrectly.


Good: @mcnuttpartners

Bad: @mcnuttandpartnersllcauburnalabama

Whew! The second one is the way. Too. Long. It’s not only misspelt in many ways but also looks ugly.


4. Keep your professionalism.

Your brand’s social media profiles are an extension of your company. Don’t use unprofessional language on your social media pages. Avoid slang, bad grammar, profanity or anything else that is not related to your business.


Good: @mcnuttpartners

Bad: @mcnuttpartners4lyfe


5. This is a simple question.

Match as many social media platforms as you can.

If possible, use the same username across all social platforms. If you are @cooltreatsauburn on Instagram, then it’s ideal that you also be @cooltreatsauburn on Facebook and Twitter.


Good: @cooltreatsauburn on all platforms

You can find us on Facebook at @cooltreatsauburn and Instagram @cooltreats_auburn

Bad: @cooltreatsauburn and @icecreamisgood both on Instagram and Facebook

The third example would not allow people to see that the two pages are linked.

You can read more about it here:

It’s not difficult to name your social media page. Professionalism, consistency, and user-friendliness are the ultimate goals. We’re always here to help you if you prefer that we do it.