A pergola is an outdoor living space designed to add a shaded area for entertainment and relaxation. If you’re planning to install a pergola in your backyard to improve the aesthetic feel of your outdoors, here are some stylish design tips fromĀ Pergola Builders.

These tips will help you plan, prepare, and complement the surrounding landscape while meeting your needs.

Pergola Builders in Atlanta

5 Tips For Your Dream Pergola

1. Choose durable, weather-resistant materials like redwood, cedar, or treated lumber for your pergola

2. Select the location that complements your outdoor space and aligns with your purpose.

3. Make sure your pergola harmonizes with your home’s architectural style and personal aesthetic.

4. Plan for lighting that will extend the usability of your pergola. Also, you can introduce climbing plants like grapevines climbing roses that’ll provide natural shade and an inviting atmosphere.

5. Choose the outdoor furniture as well as decor that complements your pergola’s style.

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