Nowadays, many of us spend most time of the day in an office. It is critical to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life, but this is seldom achieved in the modern workspace.

Therefore, it is natural that most office goers crave for some office perks along with a comfortable and relaxing environment. While there is no instruction manual to transform the dull office space into a vibrant and comfortable zone, there are some top features that define and celebrate a good office space:


Open space

No one likes to work in a cramped workspace. In fact, when investors inspect commercial property such as offices or showrooms for sale in Mohali, they put the onus on open space.

Even if the office need not be exceedingly spacious, there is no longer any attraction for small compartments and cubicles, which make employees feel that they are confined to cages, feeling restricted and stressed.

So, it is good to create an open work area where you and your staff can move around freely without the constant fear of colliding with filing cabinets, computers and desks. Additionally, open office spaces facilitate more easy and open communication. An example of this setup is the co-working office space.



One crucial aspect of any office environment is the nature of lighting. Lack of lighting can impact energy levels and your productivity. Thus, it is good to have abundant lighting around the workspace.

The best light is natural light. If you lack this, you should ensure that plenty of overhead lighting is installed so as to brighten up any dull, dark corners in the office. Go in for blinds rather than curtains so that your staff has better control over the degree of shade and light.

If you have plenty of natural light in the room, it is good to grow an indoor garden of vibrant plants. Live indoor plants contribute to the overall beauty of the workspace and calm the atmosphere.

Some offices invest in smart or programmable lights, which permit employees to make gradual adjustments in the light in the office throughout the day, mimicking the arc of the sun in the sky. This setup has an enormous impact on the health and productivity of employees, enhancing the prospect of a restful sleep in the night and arriving at the office the next morning feeling refreshed and ready for work.

Waiting for areas and cafeterias should have warmer light for full relaxation while working spaces must have cooler light to enhance alertness and focus.



This factor plays a major role in the creation of good office space since it is a physical model of the work culture of a company. All details like logo, colour palette, décor and furniture play a major role in the branding of a company- they reflect the image of the company.

Additionally, branding of office space benefits employees since it establishes the tone of the work environment. No matter whether it is creative or formal, every office space must reflect the identity of the company.

For instance, a real estate company may long for a modern space with a sleek and simple touch, while an advertising agency may crave a contemporary space with dollops of bright colours.



There is no hard and fast rule that office walls should be cotton, cream, pearl, white dove or eggshell. A pop of colour on some of the walls can improve the mood of an office and contribute to its productivity. For brightening up an area, you can consider some accent walls.

Smart use of colour can also help enhance a room and make it appear larger than in real. Also, colour is not just adjustable on walls; it can be used to liven up office furniture, tables, and chairs to add some energy.

Note that the colours of office spaces in Mohali elicit varying responses. For instance, the colour blue embodies the value of trust, while red stands for power, green for wealth and orange for attention. Always have a plan while choosing colours for the office. Stick to colours that evoke emotions rather than tan or plain white.



A comfortable climate in the workspace has a great impact on productivity. Many offices are either too cool or too hot. This can hamper comfort and disturb the healthy workflow. You must check with care that it is possible to adjust the temperature up or down or whether you can add heaters or fans to heat up or cool down as required.



No modern office can thrive without a reliable internet connection. It could be highly frustrating to have employees struggle with trying to send e-mails or browse the net. They may also struggle with remote meetings and client calls. So, ensure a high-speed net connection is available for all employees.


Dining space/cafeteria/kitchen

It is good for an office to have either or both a cafeteria and a kitchen. The kitchen may be equipped with a coffee maker, kettle, microwave and toaster. Ideally, there must be a never-ending supply of beverages, snacks and water. This keeps employees nourished and hydrated. Dining spaces are places to relax between work hours.



Employees can take a rest between work to enjoy amenities like a lounge area with a couple of couches and sofas. Such amenities foster socialization between employees, which can foster informal exchange of ideas and contribute to better productivity. Other amenities include several meeting rooms where there can be simultaneous brain-storming sessions among multiple teams.


Ergonomic furniture

Though some company managers will want to cut expenses, arranging ergonomic furniture for employees is a must. Without exception, all chairs and desks should be completely adjustable so that they suit the needs of each employee. This will help reduce health issues like sore backs and stiff necks. An ergonomic office chair can support the lower back and improve posture.


Access to easy parking

Reliable space for parking is a great marketing score for all companies. After all, nobody desires to end their commute searching for parking space. Offering designated spaces for parking can be popular with employees and visitors to the office.


In sum, features of office spaces play a crucial role in the daily lives of employees. From décor and branding to amenities and parking, there are many factors involved in creating or hiring a good office space. To create the best space, consider the above tips and make use of professional designers/ architects.