Bathroom remodeling can be a significant investment, with costs influenced by factors such as inefficient layouts and the complexity of plumbing systems. On average, remodeling a bathroom in the U.S. ranges from $6,000 to $15,000. The expenses for renovations, whether minor changes or complete remodels, can fluctuate significantly based on the project’s size and complexity. High-end remodels can even reach $30,000. However, you can make impactful changes without a complete overhaul. For instance, introducing EzLightWraps™ is a cost-effective way to update your bathroom lighting, adding a touch of modernity and style without the need for extensive renovations or a large budget.

EzLightWraps™ is an instant transformation for your dated Hollywood Lights. Our Wraps attach with a hook & loop or magnets to cover up those glaring – or missing – LED bulbs and off-center fixtures. Whether you’re looking to enhance your vanity lights, our Shades Hollywood Lights transform your space in minutes. See for more info and photos of various lights we cover in minutes!

Remodel Quick Fix Bath

Factors That Influence Bathroom Remodel Costs

Labor Costs

Project size and complexity will definitely be a factor in how much the final costs. A simple renovation may require one plumber to replace the tap or a handyperson to install the new towel rack for you. However, the overall relocation of fixtures, the pipe reroute, or even the heated floor will require a squad of multiple plumbing specialists. There could be a general contractor that ensures the whole job is handled correctly, a design-build firm that does both design and construction and trade people, such as plumbers and electricians. Work accounts for 40% to 65% of the overall spending; this is anywhere between $50- $75 per hour.

Materials Cost

The materials you choose for your bathroom makeover may have a significant impact on both your budget and the final appearance and feel of the space. There are affordable solutions, such as traditional ceramic tiles or vinyl flooring, that are both elegant and long-lasting. However, if you want a lavish spa-like atmosphere, investing in high-end materials such as marble worktops or natural stone walls may be worth the extra expense.  

Style and Finish

The style of the space might have a significant influence on your finances. While working on your project, you will undoubtedly have to make a lot of judgments concerning anything from the floor to the shower. While expensive products may transform a bathroom, they often come at a premium price. As a result, you have to strike a balance between achieving the exact style you want and remaining within your budget.

Vanity Fixtures 

Bathroom vanity fixtures come in many shapes, sizes, and varieties, such as Hollywood Vanity Lights, Vanity Light Refresh Kit, Hide bathroom lights, and many more, each one with its own unique set of features and price tag. Various factors, ranging from design choices to material selections, can significantly influence the cost of your new vanity. There is no one-size-fits-all price to install a bathroom vanity. Prices for custom vanities vary depending on the specific features they possess.

Wrapping It Up

While a complete bathroom remodel can be expensive, there are ways to update your bathroom lighting for a fresh look without breaking the bank. EzLightWraps™ offers a quick and affordable solution to transform outdated Hollywood Lights.