With more peace and tranquillity than you can shake a stick at, surroundings that provide exquisite views and ample opportunities for outdoor living, Wales is a nature-lovers paradise, and a fantastic place to set up home.

Wales has become increasingly popular with parents wishing to raise their families in safer, greener spaces, and with such a great community spirit inherent throughout the country, it’s little wonder that so many people have begun moving here. If you would like to experience the charm of Wales for yourself, why not call into an Estate Agents in Caldicot, and start the ball rolling?

Is Wales an expensive place to live?

Although there are some areas of this delightful little country that cost more to live in than others, in general, Wales has everything that England has to offer, but without such a high cost of living. In fact, the cost of living in Wales overall, is said to be around 15% less than in other areas of the United Kingdom. And while it is true that salaries tend to be a little lower here, this is offset by property prices which are as much as 30% lower than the national average.

Where are some of the best places to live in Wales?

For those seeking promising career opportunities, then the M4 corridor including Swansea and Cardiff, might be your best bet, with plenty of both public and private-sector jobs to be had. This is also the area in which the nightlife is at its liveliest, and the cultural area is at its most varied and vibrant.

If you’re seeking an ideal combination of stunning scenery, generous housing, and exceptional schools, then West Wales and areas like Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion have all of this to offer, and more.

In south-east Wales, you’ll find the county of Monmouthshire and some very desirable places to live, such as Caldicot. Close to the coast and featuring a large medieval castle, it offers heritage and beauty all rolled into one.

Is Welsh property worth the investment?

Buying a Welsh property to live in is a fantastic idea that will give you far more money back in terms of lifestyle, but it’s also a great financial investment. With Welsh property prices having skyrocketed in recent years – and expected to continue to rise – buying a property in Wales could give you a great return on your investment should you wish to buy-to-sell, or simply sell up and move to a new property in the future.

Other things to know about Wales

One thing that often concerns people who may be considering buying or renting a property in Wales, is that they won’t be able to communicate due to the language barrier. However, while you absolutely can learn the language, it is by no means conducive to you settling in well in the country, since it isn’t spoken everywhere, and most people you encounter will be fluent in English.

Schools are typically of a high standard throughout the country, but you may find that not all schools give priority to the learning of Welsh, should this be a concern of yours. All schools teach English however, so you will never find your children isolated due to their lack of a local dialect.

As far as settling in and being welcomed is concerned, Welsh people are predominantly very open and friendly, and if you’re moving to a village or small town, you’ll soon find yourself on first-name terms with many of the locals.

If you’re looking for homes to buy in Caldicot, for example, you’ll find some very attractive options, and as with anywhere in Wales, with England so close, the country makes for an attractive prospect overall in terms of relocating.