When running a Shopify store, you must constantly find ways to keep your store visitors engaged and coming back for more. One such way is to offer discounts on your products and services. Shopify discount apps are plugins that you can install on a Shopify store to create custom discounts for your audiences.

Using Shopify discount apps in your store can help you create custom discounts based on your customers’ buying patterns. Although Shopify offers options for creating discounts, if you need advanced customisations in your discounts, like creating volume discounts, percentage-based discounts, flat pricing or applying these discounts for your different types of customers, you would need to install a Shopify discount app that offers these features. 

In this article, we will understand everything about Shopify discount apps and how you can set one up in your store.

What Are Shopify Discount Apps?

Shopify discount apps are made to help Shopify store owners create, manage, and track various discount offers. These apps provide a range of features like percentage discounts, tiered pricing, individual variant pricing and more. Some apps like the Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B, also let you create discounts and apply them to only select customers using customer tags.

These discount apps sync perfectly with your Shopify store, making it straightforward to set up and curate discounts that align with your business goals. Creating custom liquid codes for discounts takes a lot of time and effort and hence using these apps is a quick and easy alternative to create custom discounts for your Shopify store.

Key Features of Shopify Discount Apps

  1. Create different types of discounts 

Using Shopify discount apps, one can create multiple types of discounts based on the specific requirements of their store. These discounts include percentage off, fixed pricing discounts, quantity breaks, tiered pricing, individual variant prices, and more.

  1. Customization Options

Shopify discount apps allow store owners to tailor promotions to their specific needs. Whether it’s setting expiration dates, limiting discounts to certain product categories, or offering discounts based on customer behaviour, these apps provide the flexibility needed to implement effective marketing strategies.

  1. Specific discounts for specific customers

Shopify discount apps also allow store owners to create custom discounts for specific customers. This means they can create a personalised shopping experience for different customers. Store owners can segment customers based on their tags, login status, and more.

  1. Integration with Other Tools

The majority of the Shopify discount apps integrate with the other apps that you use in your Shopify store. This seamless integration ensures that the other aspects of your store work perfectly well without any issues.

Benefits of Using Discount Apps

  1. Increased Sales

By offering attractive discounts, you can incentivize large orders and increase your store’s sales. Creating personalised discounts can lead to higher conversion rates and increased average order values.

  1. Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Personalized discounts show customers that you value them and this increases customer loyalty and ultimately encourages repeat purchases. This will help you build a strong audience for your store in the future.

  1. Improved Inventory Management

Implementing discounts by using Shopify discounts apps also helps you to manage your inventory better. By offering promotions on overstocked items, you can clear out excess inventory.

  1. Competitive Advantage

In a tough competitive e-commerce environment, effective discount strategies can position you differently from your competitors. By leveraging discount apps, you can offer compelling promotions that attract and retain customers, giving you a competitive edge.

How do you set up a Shopify discount app in your store?

  1. Searching for the Shopify Discount app

The first step is to install the Shopify Discount app. Go to your Shopify dashboard logging in with your admin credentials. Then search for Wholesale Pricing Discount on the search bar and click on apps as show in the below screenshot.


  1. Installing the Shopify Discount app

Next, you have to install the Shopify discount app in your Shopify store. Once you land on the app page, click on ‘Install’ and then on the next page click on ‘Install’ again. as shown in the below screenshot.


  1. That’s it! You are ready to create discounts on your store.

Start by grouping your customers into categories and creating various types of discounts for them.


Shopify discount apps offer a powerful and flexible way to enhance your store’s marketing strategies and boost sales. By providing the ability to create a wide variety of discounts and customize them for specific customers, these apps allow to to offer a personalised shopping experience for your customers and build customer loyalty. Whether you are looking to offer percentage discounts, tiered pricing, or personalized promotions for select customers, Shopify discount apps make it easy to implement these strategies without the need for complex coding.

Moreover, the seamless integration of Shopify discount apps with other e-commerce tools ensures that your store operates smoothly and efficiently. In short, Shopify discount apps are an invaluable resource for any Shopify store owner looking to maximize their store’s potential and achieve sustained growth.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Shopify discount apps help with managing my product inventory?
    Yes, by offering discounts on overstocked items, Shopify discount apps can help you manage inventory more effectively by allowing you to clear excess stock faster by giving discounts on them.
  2. Can I set minimum purchase requirements for discounts with Shopify discount apps?
    Yes, many Shopify discount apps like the Wholesale Pricing Discount give the feature of setting minimum purchase requirements for discounts. This ensures that customers must meet certain criteria to qualify for the discount.
  3. Do Shopify discount apps support multi-currency discounts?
    Not many, but recently Wholesale Pricing Discount on Shopify launched their integration with Shopify Markets. If you use the WPD app, you can create and offer multi-currency discounts to your international customers.
  4. Can Shopify discount apps help with seasonal sales?
    Yes, Shopify discount apps are great for managing seasonal sales. You can create and schedule discounts for holidays and special events, attracting more customers during peak shopping times.