Crystal cat litter

In order to take care properly of a pet, you must know all about their necessities. You should know all about what a cat can and should eat, which foods are healthy for them or beneficial, and what to keep them away from; you must also know how to take care of their hygiene correctly, how often to clip their nails or give them a bath, a trim and how frequently to change their litter.

In order for your pet to live a comfortable and stable life, you must make sure that all of their necessities are met. They will never be happy without being fed enough or without having treats, but at the same time, you should not overfeed them.

One aspect you should also consider is the type of litter they prefer. Cats can be pretentious when it comes to litter, and at times, certain litter types can be better even for you because they can make your job as a pet parent a lot easier.

Crystal cat litter is one of those beneficial types for you and your cat. Since cleaning the litter is one of the worst parts about owning a cat, this litter comes to your help. You can stop worrying about taking care of messy litter with this highly absorbent alternative. You can also buy bulk cat litter in Australia, so you get to have more in your storage at any time.

What Is Cat Litter and What Is It Made Out Of?

If you are perhaps a first-time cat owner, then you might not even know what cat litter is, what it is made out of, and why you need to buy it for your cat.

Cat litter can be considered a magical tool; it is beneficial to all cat owners across the world. And even though cat litter is not much to look at, it indeed does wonders.

Cleaning after their cats has always been a problem for owners. Back in the day, when cat litter did not exist, owners used ash or sand. These materials did absorb the liquid well, but they created a mess because they stuck very quickly to paws and fur.

And then, in the 1940’s, a miraculous discovery was made by Edward Lowe. He discovered that by using granulated clay, none of those issues persisted. All the liquid was absorbed quickly, and none of the material got stuck to the paws or fur of kitties.

The invention of this man led to the creation of a literal business. Nowadays, because of his innovative mind, there are tons of different kinds of cat litter. One of these types, and a highly prevalent one at that, is the crystal cat litter.

What Is Crystal Cat Litter?

Crystal cat litter is a saviour in many cat owners’ households. It is highly absorbent and provides excellent odour control. But what gives it these unique properties?

Amorphous silica gel is the material from which this litter is composed, and it is known to be lightweight and very absorbent.

The process works like this: when the liquid meets these absorbents, porous granules, it is pulled into the network of pores and trapped inside, along with odours.

After a while, the water evaporates, and what remains are just the smelly particles trapped inside the pores.

A few of the advantages of using crystal cat litter are that it is non-toxic, super absorbent, long-lasting and can control odours very well.

Are There Any Downsides to This Type of Litter?

The main downside to crystal cat litter is the way the prime material, silica gel, is obtained. Silica is a material that is derived from quartz and is usually found through mining. The operations for finding quartz are traditionally the largest on the planet, and they can displace vegetation, animals and entire habitats.

What these quarries are known for are erosion, air contamination and water and noise pollution. All of these can later have a significant impact on the environment.

Another significant disadvantage is that, since this litter is made out of an inorganic material, it is not biodegradable. There are cat litter types that are biodegradable and sometimes even flushable. But that is not the case for crystal cat litter. The only way to get rid of it is to send it to a landfill, where it will break down slowly over time.

Bulk cat litter Australia

Why Should You Buy Bulk Cat Litter in Australia?

Buying bulk cat litter is one of the best things a cat owner can do. First of all, you save money. By buying cat litter in bulk, you aren’t paying for packaging, and some retailers even offer discounts at times. It is the cheapest way to buy cat litter.

You’re also contributing to the environment by buying in bulk. You do not pay for as much packaging as you would if you were to order it more frequently. And since you buy in larger quantities and have a big bag that lasts over time, deliveries do not need to be made that often. So, you contribute to the minimising of carbon dioxide emissions.

Cat litter is something every cat owner needs. By having this tool of convenience, you no longer have to worry about bad smells in your home, as they are highly absorbent and also neutralise odours. Pick the type of litter that your cat enjoys the most. Enjoy all the benefits of your cat using a non-toxic, highly absorbent, long-lasting and odour-concealing litter. If you want to have it available at all times and not have to worry about running out at inopportune moments, choose to purchase bulk cat litter. And also contribute to the well-being of the environment while doing so.