Celebrations are an essential part of our lives. They make our lives enjoyable and worth living, be it a marriage or someone’s birthday. But a grand event needs a grand place to cater to the guests we invite. Finding a good banquet hall for marriage in Delhi with all good facilities can be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack.

Often it can be seen that in Delhi most Banquet Halls charge a hefty amount and yet do not provide the basic facilities. When looking for a banquet hall in Delhi you must do a thorough check of all the facilities they provide to make sure it’s worth all the money that you are paying. Here we will discuss all the basic facilities that every Banquet hall should have and the things you should be keeping a keen eye on. 


With a Big and Spacious hallway, you can easily entertain hundreds of guests under one roof. With the large number of Invitations you have sent to your relatives and friends, your home isn’t an ideal place to run an event. The Banquet Hall should have organised seating arrangements and the capacity to have around 300 to over 1000 people. A good Banquet Hall should have dressing apartments for the bride and the groom. Changing rooms are indeed a necessity to give a smooth and comforting place to the families and relatives of both parties. Likewise, having multiple bathrooms is a must when you have to feed the requirements of hundreds of guests at a time. With multiple bathrooms, you get to avoid issues and hustle that might be a cause for worry.  


You should always pick a banquet hall that your guests can attend easily. A banquet hall with a good location sets a perfect impression on your guests. Look out for a good marriage banquet hall in delhi which suits the convenience of most of your guests. For the outstation guests, banquet halls provide the perfect solution by providing them with rooms to stay during the entire marriage or any workshop. The Banquet Hall should not be in a location which is in a remote location, the surrounding area should be safe and clean. Avoid using areas with narrow roads or too much traffic.


The most important part of any event is the food being served. From tasty appetisers and snacks to the main course, desserts and chilled drinks, there is a lot of organising food management that requires to be taken care of. No matter what cuisine you wish to serve your guests, the in-house catering service of the banquet hall should be able to prepare them. You should be free to customise your menu and add the delicacies and dishes that you wish to serve your guests. People might look away at any other issues but not having good food will bring you lots of harm and the guests will leave unsatisfied.  

Free Parking 

Most people invited to the marriage will commute using their own personal vehicles. When holding an event for a large number of guests it might drill a hole in your pocket paying for all their parking tickets. To avoid this hassle choose Banquet Halls that provide free parking. Also, ensure that there are security cameras installed in the parking area to avoid any problems. 

Audio Visual Equipment

When dealing with a large number of people it becomes hard to guide them throughout the process of the events and keep them entertained. That’s where having the facility of Audio visual equipment in the banquet hall helps. You can use it to tell your guests about important announcements or make a speech and a big Screen will help you to deliver a nice presentation depending on what event you are hosting. Ensure that there are enough speakers on all the corners of the banquet hall to provide sufficient hearing and a Display Screen big enough for everyone to see. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

The pompous decorations or the royal wedding theme is not what makes the event successful but it is the cleaning and maintenance that the facility provides. A clean and well-maintained banquet hall ensures that each of the guests feels comfortable and gets a nice experience. You should always check in first if on-site cleaning and maintenance is provided or not. Trust us no one likes to see garbage lying around on the floor when they are attending an event rather they make faces. 

So far these are the basic facilities that every Banquet Hall provides and before booking any Banquet Hall for any event you are hosting you should check with them if they provide all these facilities. This will save you face and all the worries that you might have to deal with otherwise.