UAE PCC issued by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government is an official document that shows that such an individual has a clean record from the criminal court with no criminal records and no pending court actions. Such a document is of utmost importance in case one wants to do a job, extend the visa, and also to be approved for immigration.

To obtain a UAE Police Clearance Certificate, you will need to follow a specific process:

Identify the Required Documents: Please make sure you come along with all the required documentation presented initially, before going through the application process. They commonly require a legal passport, visa, and Emirates ID. Furthermore, you may be required to submit other documents besides the ones that prove your residence or employment status, depending on the situation.

Visit the Police Station: Go to the nearest police station where you were previously living or you have been registered. Submit to the officer all the relevant documents at the station and inquire about the UAE police clearance certificate application process.

Fill Out the Application Form: The officer will give you an application form to fill which you need to complete. The form carries your personal identifying particulars such as your name, date of birth, phone number, and email address. Make sure that the information you furnish on the application is accurate and includes all the essential details.

Submit the Application: After the required fields on the form have been filled in correctly, the officer at the police station will process it. Investigators may examine the documents and ask for additional proof in case it becomes a necessity. Always ensure to keep a copy of the application receipt submitted for this purpose.

Translation (If required):

If the certificate should be submitted in a language different from Arabic, you may have to translate it to the standard of an accredited translation service.

Wait for Processing: 

Usually, the processing of UAE PCC is fulfilled within the time frame of 2 weeks in most cases. At this stage of your case, the local police station will embark on a full-fledged background check to confirm the correctness of the information that you have provided.

Certificate Collection:

The next step is to wait for the application to be processed before receiving a letter of notification of your UAE Police Clearance Certificate availability. If your certificate has been issued, then you will be expected to visit this destination and collect your certificate from the local office.

Attestation (If required):

Depending on the type of your request, the UAE Police Clearance Certificate may undergo attestation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or embassy or consulate abroad as per the purpose of its use.


The UAE Police Clearance Certificate is often required for various purposes, including:

Employment: Many employers locally and globally need to go through a background check process before hiring a person, and for that, people are required to give a Police Clearance Certificate.

Immigration: Individuals whether applying for residency or citizenship in a specific country will be asked for a Police Clearance Certificate from the UAE as part of their immigration applications.

Visa Applications: Some nationals may require a Police Clearance Certificate from the UAE as one of the visa application processes in cases of frequent travel to the UAE for tourist, study, or business purposes.

Professional Licensing: In some fields or particular industries, applicants would be expected to have a Police Clearance Certificate alongside the registration or licensing requirements.

The UAE police clearance certificate will usually contain the following details namely full name, date of birth, nationality, passport details, and an affirmative or negative declaration concerning the person’s criminal records in the UAE. The certificate is from the police station or authority of the emirate in which the individual lives or where their visa has been issued.

As far as the procedures and the requirements to obtain a UAE Police Clearance Certificate are concerned, the facts, such as the individual’s nationality, residency status, and the purpose of the application, may be quite relevant. Thus, it is imperative to verify the official sources given by the authorities or do proper research before initiating the application process.