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Open relationships and swinger dating – do they work? Can a relationship in which the two partners love each other and want to stay together but offer each other the freedom to meet other people intimately be a harmonious couple relationship? There is no general answer: if you manage to get rid of your preconceptions about what is expected, you can accept that for some, an open relationship dating site can be a recipe for success, as long as they are pleased. Are you willing to learn more about it? Keep on reading!

Are Swinger Dating and Open Relationships the Same?

They are pretty different, but they are connected in so many ways. Open couple relationships are stable couple relationships in which the partners also consent to maintaining intimate relationships with other people. In general, you would think that such a situation when people are into swinger dating leads to resentment, jealousy, blocked communication, and insecurity – but everything depends on the partners’ perspective. When both partners separate their feelings of love from physical satisfaction, they can sometimes remain happy together and get satisfaction from other parts.

An Open Relationship Dating Site Is Something Normal

And that is why many people experience new things on an open relationship dating site. Many would think that infidelity, which appears at some point in so many couple relationships – almost always as a wish and often as a fulfilled act. In an open relationship, you don’t have to hide your desires and cheat – everything is laid out on the tray! Two partners love each other – but what happens after a while when the desire for novelty, something different, to escape the monotony appears?

There are two ways: either the partners choose to ignore that desire, focus on what they have together, or cheat, even though they still love each other. Can love satisfy a person and make him never want anyone else? For some, yes – love and a partner is all they want from life. For others, no – although they love their partner from the bottom of their hearts, they live with dissatisfaction and a need for variety and novelty. Then, what do some people do, even though they love their partner? They end up making a mistake: cheating.

But can’t there be another solution? When both partners have spent years together and feel the need for variety, doesn’t something like swinger dating eliminate the alleged betrayal of cheating? Are you hiding, cheating, or honestly saying that physically, you need variety? Does this agreement work – for both partners to have physical relations with other people occasionally and all that together? For some, the solution is to stay together with their partner because they have a good relationship and obtain the desired satisfaction outside the relationship without having to hide.

A Regular Thing for Many Couples

Some make this understanding from the very beginning; knowing that they are not ready to have a single intimate partner and still want the freedom to experiment, they agree that they can be on an open relationship dating site as a part of their lifestyle. Partners who make this agreement value sincerity – they want to be open to the end; they want to stay together with their partner, but to have freedom; therefore, a rule of this type of relationship is to talk about wanting such a relationship without hiding it.

But an essential part of a couple that is into swinger dating is the separation between feelings and physical relationships: you love your partner, but love does not physically bind you to him. To have intimate relationships with others, which remain strictly physical – without developing feelings for others. You love only your partner – the others are just adventures without a hint of emotional involvement. Here is the key: being able not to tie the intimate physical relationship to feelings. Otherwise, one of the partners will feel betrayed, although initially in agreement with this relationship.

Another problem is that a real open couple on an open relationship dating site implies that both partners agree, want to experiment with others and have this freedom. A relationship in which only one maintains relationships with others is not an open one- it is one in which the partner who remains faithful allows the other to escape for fear of abandonment! That is a step towards disaster. You can only talk about a relationship that can work when both partners agree with the agreement.

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How About Jealousy?

Jealous partners cannot opt for swinger dating; that much is clear! If you feel envious and betrayed by the fact that the other wants to have physical relationships with others, then such a relationship has no chance. And the truth is that most people, women or men, are jealous. You want to be the only one your partner wants – and when he agrees to share you with others, you can not only be jealous but also feel pride in how he so readily accepts the idea of sharing his partner with someone else.

What about fidelity as a value in a couple? The reality is that an open relationship dating site is a solution for some because they no longer trust fidelity. As an idea, it’s a beautiful concept – but concretely, life brings us proof every day that fidelity is often only an appearance, that even those who love each other fall prey to temptations. So, an open one can work for some: they love each other and want to be together, but they also want to remain free to live without ending up in a situation where they feel tied by hand and foot.

But for others – probably for the majority – a relationship of this type has no chance because the simple image of the couple partnering together with someone else is far too painful and confusing to be accepted; the simple idea that you can keep love and maintain the relationship, but at the same time you can be into swinger dating, is too out of the ordinary. In the end, remember that what works for some will not work for others – you should not think about what is normal or not, but what exactly makes you happy and satisfied!