Liquid highlighter is a complex cosmetic product. On the one hand, it may give any look the last touch by making the skin seem radiant and glossy. However, if you don’t know how to apply it, liquid face highlighter may undo all your hard-earned cosmetic efforts.  

Highlighter makeup: What Is It? 

A substance called highlighter reflects light to make your features seem more radiant. It might seem like a shimmering, light-colored powder or liquid that can be applied to your face’s high points, or it can resemble a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone to contour certain facial features. A face highlighter, which comes at varied liquid highlighter prices, plays various roles in your cosmetic appearance, depending on where you apply it.  

A shimmery highlighter is the ideal finishing touch for any exquisite beauty ensemble. A highlighter is crucial in creating brilliance and depth, whether you choose a more natural appearance or a full glam approach. Thankfully, the trend of wearing a lot of highlighters on social media has changed to a more understated look. It’s fair to say that highlighter has its proper place and looks best when applied sparingly and judiciously. 

Here’s how to apply liquid highlighter quickly and effortlessly always to look gorgeous when you leave home.   

  • Using a tiny highlighter brush, apply three drops of highlighter to the very top of your cheekbones and tap it in.  
  • After applying the product using a highlighter palette, be careful to integrate it in immediately! 
  • Instead of putting liquid highlighter straight onto your skin, dab some onto the back of your hand and pick it up with the same brush you used before. You don’t want the impact to be as strong on the other facial high points. After doing this, go over each brow with the brush. 
  • To finish, use the remaining loose highlighter to draw attention to your Cupid’s bow, the tip, and the top of your nose.   

Is Highlighting Done Before or After Foundation?  

You may use a liquid highlighter with a makeup highlighter palette after makeup to draw attention to certain areas or create a radiant base before foundation. You may even include it into your foundation to get a glowing base and sheer out the coverage. The reason is that liquid foundations and highlighters mix and layer nicely together because of their comparable viscosity. 

Using cream formulae and powder highlighters after the foundation is recommended to get an even appearance. (Remember to use cream formulations before setting your foundation.) After finishing your base, use any highlighter with a powder foundation. 

In what situations should you not use a highlighter? 

It’s always best to avoid highlighting the nose since it looks unflattering on most individuals, particularly if you’re just starting to use a face highlighter. Another tactic that stuck around after becoming popular on social media was highlighting the nose. Draw attention to your jawline, inner corners of your eyes, and cheekbones for a more attractive and natural-looking appearance. For your nose, skip the highlighter and do some delicate sculpting instead. 

Lastly, do not compromise with the highlighter makeup price to buy an inferior product. 


That’s all for now. Get ready with your best makeup to steal the show.   

The flexible liquid highlighter may give your skin a dazzling and shiny appearance. Be careful while applying it on your cheekbones and brow bone. Use it before or after foundation, depending on the result. Use a decent highlighter and avoid emphasizing the nose for optimal effects. 

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