cat scratching post

The cats that scratch the precious sofa or the expensive curtains are not on a mission to destroy your house; instead, they will be able to satisfy specific inherent needs. That is why you need a cat scratching post. Scratching is a gesture of marking the territory; it allows the infiltration of the substrate with the animal’s smell, originating from the secretion of special glands located at the level of the feathers. It also allows the removal of the superficial sheath of the claws. If you need such a post, an online pet store is where you need to start your search.

An Online Pet Store Can Save Your Furniture

Because this is an innate behaviour, scratching is challenging to control or quiet. The traces of scratches, along with the remains of the claw sheaths left on the substrate, can also show confidence in one’s strength. It’s like trying to prevent your cat from toileting or burying its needs in the sand. However, cats can be taught to scratch objects specifically designed for this, such as scratching boards or sisal assemblies, which you can find in an online pet store. Different strategies will help you redirect your cat’s scratching habit.

The Cat Scratching Post Through Its Preferences

To find out what the cat likes to scratch the most, observe it. Does it prefer to scratch carpets, curtains, wood, or other surfaces? Does it scratch vertical surfaces with claws pointing above its head, or does it prefer horizontal surfaces? As soon as you find out her preferences in terms of materials or scratching plans, you will know that you should buy her scratching materials that are more suitable to her needs. You canstart by purchasing a cat scratching post for your pet because, more than likely, this is an item that all cats love to have.

Provide it with objects that it likes, and be sure that you will have plenty of options if you enter an online pet store. There are objects for scratching with various shapes, sizes, or textures in specialty stores. If your cat likes to scratch carpets, a sisal rug would be a good choice. But if the cat prefers sofas and other rounded surfaces, an assembly covered with sisal or other rope-like material may be the best option. The scratch object should also satisfy the orientation of the preferred scratch plane.

Cats Love to Climb

A cat that likes to climb and scratch the curtains will probably prefer a tall object that can apply a long scratch, such as those mounted on walls or doors. However, a cat that prefers the horizontal plane of scratching a carpet might instead gravitate toward a flattened cardboard box or a plank placed on the floor. Some cat owners use their imagination to create cat scratching posts and play sets. You can wrap pieces of wood in carpets, textiles, or other materials, then nail them to create a “cat tree” with steps to climb.

That will keep your cat busy and satisfy her need to scratch. Any scratching object that you purchase or buy from the online pet store must be stable enough so that it does not tip over when used by the cat and have a height at least equal to the length of the cat standing up on its hind legs and having its front legs stretched upwards. Correctly positioning an object for scratching is essential to redirecting the cat’s scratching habit. Place the object near an area the cat uses to scratch.

It can then be gradually moved to a location of your choice as the cat gets used to it. If the cat uses several places to scratch, place one such object in each such place. Take your cat to the newly purchased object from the cat scratching post and reward it with delicacies, petting, and praise every time it uses this object. Some assemblies may have toys attached to them. You can also sprinkle cat food or grass pellets on top or around the assembly as an additional incentive. You will see that this always works.

Things Will Get More Accessible by the Day

Once your cat gets used to using a particular object for scratching, don’t throw it away if it frays or wears out; its appearance demonstrates that it achieves the purpose for which it was created! Cats scratch, sharpen their nails, choose a territory and mark it, and lie down; these are all cats’ instincts. With posts made at home or bought from the local or online pet store, you can have the perfect playing space for your cat, where it can sharpen its claws, and at the same time, you will save your entire furniture.

Turn the objects you don’t want to be scratched into things that are unavailable or less attractive to your cat. The only method that guarantees the cat will stop scratching a particular surface or object is blocking the animal’s access to that place or object. Closing the doors may be the simplest solution. However, if this is not practical, traps can be placed to discourage scratching. Cats are relatively easy to maintain. In addition to food and water, they only need a clean litter box, a cat scratching post, some toys, and lots of petting.

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Scratching Is in the Cat’s Nature

Cats love and need scratches! Playing and climbing, as well as sharpening claws, are the order of the day for cats. Thanks to the poles wrapped in sisal, claw care and climbing are child’s play. Since scratching is a component of territorial marking with pheromones, cats may try to scratch surfaces already infiltrated with their scent several times. To break this cycle, use an odour-neutralizing solution to deodorize the areas previously scratched by the animal. You can also find this in any online pet store.

In addition to limiting access to particular objects in the house and changing their appearance and smell, you can minimize the damage caused by scratching by regularly cutting the cat’s nails. Some special plastic boots or sleeves can cover the cat’s claws. These should only be applied to cats that accept handling and touching the pads. While wearing these mittens, the cat can perform the scratching motion, but since the claws remain hidden, it cannot cause any damage. Even so, a cat needs to scratch things; therefore, a cat scratching post is the perfect option for doing that safely.