Are you considering becoming a part of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) community? If so, you’ve probably heard about the options of purchasing directly from Disney through DVC sales or exploring the world of DVC resales. While both avenues offer unique advantages, this blog will delve into why DVC resales can often be a better deal than buying new through DVC sales.

The Appeal of Disney Vacation Club

Before we delve into the benefits of DVC resales, let’s briefly touch on why so many individuals and families are drawn to the Disney Vacation Club in the first place.

The Disney Vacation Club offers its members the opportunity to own a piece of the magic. Members receive a certain allotment of Vacation Points each year, which can be used to reserve accommodations at Disney’s top-tier resorts. With access to a wide range of properties, including Disney’s deluxe villas, members enjoy luxurious stays at the heart of the magic.

The DVC Sales Option

When people initially consider joining the Disney Vacation Club, they often explore the option of DVC sales directly through Disney. While this avenue has its merits, it’s essential to consider the potential advantages of DVC resales before making a decision.

Why DVC Resales?

1. Cost Savings

One of the primary reasons why DVC resales can be an attractive option is cost savings. When you purchase a DVC resale, you are buying from an existing member who is looking to sell their membership. This typically means a lower price per Vacation Point compared to purchasing directly from Disney. For those who want to experience Disney’s deluxe accommodations without breaking the bank, DVC resales offer a more affordable way to become a member.

2. Availability of Established Resorts

DVC resales often provide access to established Disney Vacation Club resorts that might not be available through DVC sales. New resorts tend to fill up quickly through direct sales, but resale marketplaces can offer memberships at resorts that have a track record of popularity.

3. No Waiting for New Developments

If you purchase directly from Disney through DVC sales, you might have to wait for new developments and resorts to be built. This could mean a more extended period before you can book your dream vacation. DVC resales allow you to access existing resorts immediately, giving you more flexibility in your vacation planning.

4. Fewer Restrictions

DVC resales have fewer restrictions compared to direct purchases. While both options offer incredible flexibility, resales often come with more generous use-year and home resort flexibility. This can be especially advantageous if you have specific vacation preferences.

5. Potential for Negotiation

When buying a DVC resale, there might be room for negotiation with the seller, allowing you to secure a deal that works best for your budget and vacation needs.


While DVC sales offer the appeal of purchasing directly from Disney, DVC resales present an enticing alternative for those looking to become members of this exclusive vacation club. With cost savings, availability at established resorts, immediate access, fewer restrictions, and the potential for negotiation, DVC resales can indeed be a better deal than buying new.

In your quest to become a Disney Vacation Club member, don’t overlook the opportunities offered by DVC resales. It’s essential to research both options thoroughly and determine which one aligns best with your vacation goals and budget. Ultimately, whether you choose DVC sales or DVC resales, you’re on your way to creating magical Disney memories that will last a lifetime.