Your dog is an essential member of your family and a faithful friend who fills your days with happiness. Therefore, like any responsible pet owner, you want to enjoy his company for as long as possible. But to do this, you will need to take all necessary steps to ensure that his nutritional needs are met. The food your fluffball receives is an essential element of his development. Plus, proper dog food can show your pet that he is loved and provide the perfect reward for positive behaviour. However, Australia is home to plenty of dog food brands, so you must go for a reputable company.

Why should you choose Royal Canin dog food? Quality. Royal Canin is a French brand, founded in 1968, that is recognised for the quality of its products. Therefore, it has become one of the most profitable and reputable subsidiaries of the Mars Inc. group. Royal Canin offers a wide range of breed-specific formulas that are ideal for both small dogs and true giants such as Great Danes. Moreover, it is one of the companies operating in the Australian market that invest heavily in their product research and development.

Most veterinarians recommend Royal Canin dog food for dogs with special nutritional needs. At the same time, the kibble this brand produces is available both in puppy-friendly forms and in packages that ensure the dietary needs of dogs over ten years old. Royal Canin uses only quality ingredients in their kibble, is one of the most recommended brands by Aussie vets, and has a wide range of products suitable for all budgets that are approved by both the FDA and FEDIAF.

What Should I Seek in Dog Food?

For one thing, it is essential to go for a brand that the Pet Food Industry Association of Australia has approved. Then, you’ll need to buy kibble or wet dog food that provides the daily protein intake your dog requires. Canines are omnivorous animals, which means, like us, they can get their daily calories from both carbohydrates and from leguminous plants. However, protein, like in the case of cats, should be the main component of your fluffball’s diet. Plus, the origin of the meat in the purchased kibble must be well known.

The daily amount of protein your dog must eat will depend on its breed, level of activity and, not least, size. However, as a general rule, dogs should consume 1 gram of protein for every half kilogram they weigh. So, if you are the owner of a tiny fluffball that weighs 10 kilograms, your pup will need to consume around 20 grams of protein daily. Nevertheless, although protein is essential, it should only make up 20% of a canine’s diet, with the remaining 80% covered by healthy fats, carbohydrates, fibres, and minerals.

High-quality dog food must provide a balance between the nutritional ingredients recommended for a healthy daily diet, should have a limited number of by-products such as soy or corn, which can cause digestive problems, and should use natural preservatives such as tocopherols. Not least, the kibble must also contain a satisfactory volume of water to ensure a good passage through the intestinal tract and be formulated to aid in digestion and reduce the risks of stomach problems.

What Are the Nutritional Needs of Dogs?

Just like humans, dogs need balanced nutrition to get the energy required for daily life. What shouldn’t be missing from your fluffball’s diet? For one thing, whether you choose a reputable international brand, such as the Mars Inc.-owned Royal Canin dog food, or go for an Australian brand, you will need to pay attention to the protein composition of the product you buy. Dogs need protein to maintain their muscles and support their immune system. However, the source of meat in the selected kibble is crucial.

The purchased dog food should specify the source of meat present in the kibble. A good idea is to go for brands that use mutton or fish in their composition, as their protein density is higher. Dogs also need fatty acids such as Omega-3, which can be obtained from fish oil, and carbohydrates such as whole grains, which are an efficient and cheap source of energy. Nevertheless, carbohydrates should not exceed 40% of your pup’s daily diet.

Dogs also require a high intake of minerals such as potassium, calcium or magnesium, vitamins such as A, K or B, and amino acids or antioxidants such as those obtained from vegetables. Not least, as kibble can be pretty dry, your dog should consume a reasonably high volume of fluids per day. How much water should your pup consume? About 50ml per kilo of body weight. So, if your puppy weighs 10kg, that will mean a daily water intake of 500ml.

Why Choose Only Well-Known Brands?

Australia is home to more than six million dogs, which has contributed to the impressive number of dog food brands present in our markets. However, if you want your pet to develop appropriately and stay in your family for many years to come, you should only turn to brands known for the quality of their products. Why go for Pedigree, Taste of the Wild or Royal Canin dog food? Predictability.

Brands that monopolise the Aussie market have the most to lose if the quality of their products is not up to scratch. Therefore, they invest impressive amounts in their research and development and are careful about sourcing the ingredients in the processed kibble. Moreover, large brands employ nutritionists whose job is to find the ideal dietary balance for puppies as well as senior dogs, and their formulas are consistent and recommended for canines suffering from food sensitivities. On top of that, brands such as Royal Canin, Purina or Pedigree are endorsed by most vets and approved by organisations such as WSAVA, PDSA or AAFCO.

A Matter of Love and Practicality

Choosing Royal Canin dog food is a smart move if you want your pet to receive the nutritional intake necessary for a healthy life. But besides this, choosing a premium brand for your pup’s kibble can be a way to show him that he’s loved, appreciated, and meaningful to your family. Dogs are animals that are there for us in our most difficult times and love us with all they have. Sure, they can’t express their love and gratitude in a way that we can always understand, but what is certain is that to your pet, you are the most important person in the world.

Choosing a high-quality dog food brand is the least you can do to spoil your companion. We lead complicated lives that sometimes take away from the time we’d like to spend with our four-legged friends. And that, unfortunately, can affect the emotional health of our pets. Want to make up for it? To give your furry friend a treat? Then, going for high-quality dog kibble is an excellent choice. Plus, premium kibble, in the long run, will have a positive effect on the health of your dog and save you from expensive bills and stressful moments.