Yocan, a name with top-notch vapes, just dropped a bomb in the vaporizer competition– the Yocan ARI series! These aren’t your average vape pens; they’re pocket-sized powerhouses with something for everyone, from stealthy beginners to cloud-chasing veterans.

Four Flavors of Fun:

The ARI series isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. We got four distinct personalities, each ready to rock your vaping world:

  • ARI mini: The Ari Mini is a pint-sized wonder, barely taller than your thumb but packing a punch with its 400mAh battery and variable voltage control. It’s like a ninja of flavor, hidden in your pocket until you need a quick, delicious puff.

  • ARI slim: The Ari Slim lives up to its name, feeling smooth in your hand and looking oh-so-stylish. Don’t underestimate its 350mAh battery and voltage control, though – it’s perfect for chill vaping sessions on the go.

  • ARI: The Ari is just right. Not too big, not too small, its 650mAh battery keeps you vaping through the day, while the voltage control lets you fine-tune your hits for flavorful clouds or intense tastes.

  • ARI plus: The Yocan Ari Plus is the king of long hauls. Its 900mAh battery is like a bottomless pit of vapor, and the preheat function and voltage control make sure every hit is a winner. This one’s for the serious vaper who demands the best.

More Than Just Size:

These Yocan ARI series aren’t just about their cool looks (though, let’s be honest, they are pretty slick). They share some awesome features that make them stand out from the crowd:

  • Treads: Forget being stuck with one type of concentrate! The ARI’s universal 510 thread lets you swap and switch cartridges or atomizers like a vaping chameleon. Try new flavors, experiment with different textures – the possibilities are endless!

  • Variable voltage: Each ARI pen comes with variable voltage control, like a mini chef’s knob for your vapor. Want thick, billowing clouds? Crank it up! Craving a subtle burst of flavor? Keep it low. You’re the master of your vaping destiny!

  • Stealthy Shenanigans: No one needs to know you’re a vaper (unless you want to, of course). The yocans’ ARI compact design slips into your pocket or purse like a whisper, perfect for discreet puffing on the go.

  • Built to Last: These aren’t flimsy disposables. The ARI pens are made with top-notch materials, so they can handle a few bumps and tumbles (we’ve all been there). They’ll be your trusty vaping companions for years to come.

  • One-Button activated: Don’t worry about confusing menus or cryptic controls. The ARI series is all about simplicity. One button, that’s it. Just click and enjoy the puff of your vape.


The ARI series battery features a Type-C charging connection for easy refuelling. Whether it’s dark or bright, simply take the Type-C cable and plug it in to activate the recharging pattern.


Simply press the button 5 times, the ARI series battery is at your service. 2 presses will start the pre-heating function to warm up your atomizer at 1.8V for 10 seconds. And rotating the bottom dial is the way to find your sweet spot.

Find Your Perfect Yocan Match:

With four awesome options, choosing your ARI soulmate can be tough. But don’t sweat it! Here’s a quick cheat sheet to find your perfect vape match:

  • Mini ARI: The Ari Mini is your pocket-sized pal. Small but mighty, it’s perfect for quick, discreet puffs.

  • ARI slim: The Ari Slim is your on-the-go bestie. Stylish and comfortable, it’s ideal for casual vaping sessions without the bulk.

  • ARI: The Ari is your flavor partner. With its long battery life and voltage control, it’s perfect for extended vaping sessions and customized hits.

  • ARI plus: The Ari Plus is your all-day MVP. Its monster battery and preheat function keep you vaping without breaks, making it the champ for serious puffers.


The ARI Series battery acrylic display is incredible value, and super easy to set up. It’s a great marketing tool to help boost product visibility and increase impulse sales.

Package content:

  1. ARI slim contains 20 pcs/box.
  2. ARI mini contains 20 pcs/box
  3. ARI also contains 20 pcs/box
  4. ARI plus contains 20 pcs/box

So, forget the other vaporizers and dive into the world of Yocan ARI. With its pocket-sized power, mix-and-match versatility, and user-friendly charm, the ARI series has a vape pen for everyone. Find your perfect match and get ready to experience vaping in a whole new way!

Remember, this is just a sample, and you can further customize it with your own personal touch and experiences with the Yocan ARI series! Happy vaping!