There’s an old saying that you’ve no doubt heard before: you can’t please everyone. It’s a good saying, and it helps many of us deal with the reality that prioritizing others ahead of ourselves is seldom a good idea. In an age of unchecked social anxiety and exceptionally unreasonable expectations, the words “you can’t please everyone” are of immense utility when dealing with difficult social situations.


If you work in real estate, however, these words aren’t quite so useful. They’re still true a lot of the time, but a good real estate agent should do their best to make sure that all involved parties are satisfied with the services that they received. Real estate agents, therefore, can’t really lean on these words as heavily as the rest of the population can.


Regardless, making sure everyone is happy can be quite the difficult task. Whether your clients are buying real estate or selling it, there always seems to be someone who insists on belaboring the point and making your job as hard as they possibly can make it. So how do you deal with clients like this, and is there a way to make everyone happy? Let’s find out!


Keeping your clients happy

Regardless of whether or not you’re able to please each and every one of your clients, there are ways to make sure that you serve the majority of your clients to the best of your ability. Every now and then you’ll run into a problem client, but if you follow our advice things will go much more smoothly with all of your clients that don’t have a bone to pick before they walk into your office. Let’s get started!


Enough is enough

While it would be nice to be able to please every demanding and unreasonable client that walks through your doors, the unfortunate truth is that some people simply cannot be pleased. There will always be negative Nancies and pessimistic Perrys that find things to complain about no matter how helpful and professional you are.


If you’re going to focus on being beyond reproach as a real estate agent, you have to learn to spot a client who is making problems simply because they can. If someone can’t be pleased, there’s no sense in bending over backwards in the hopes of making them happy. Never dedicate a disproportionately large amount of time or effort to a client who does nothing but complain!


Sometimes, the best course of action may even be to refuse to serve a client who has made it clear that they are intent on being a thorn in your side. If you have to deal with someone like this, tell them in no uncertain terms what you are able and willing to do for them, and make it clear that you will not tolerate aimless negativity. You’ve got better things to do!


Be punctual and efficient

Once you’ve learned how to deal with problem clients, you’ll need to work on your professionalism. We have no doubt that you’re already one of the most professional real estate agents around, but everyone has areas in which they can improve. Two such areas where many of us can improve are punctuality and efficiency!


First up is punctuality. While it’s not the most difficult trait to work on, whether or not you show up to appointments and engagements on time can make a huge difference in how you’re perceived by clients. Show up to a meeting on time and you’re the real estate agent who is easy to work with; arrive fifteen minutes late and the only thing the client will remember about you is the fact that you were late!


Next, you’ll want to work on your ability to be efficient in your client-side work. Becoming more efficient in completing your tasks won’t just make you more wealthy; it will also help you create a good reputation for yourself as the real estate professional who gets things done. Between improving your punctuality and efficiency, you should already have more satisfied clients!


Work on your image

While empirical attributes like efficiency and punctuality will do a great deal to help you build a good reputation among clients and colleagues, these qualities aren’t the entire story when it comes to pleasing people on the job. Another factor that is sometimes overlooked is image; if yours is good, it will do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to satisfying your clients!


The easiest thing to work on when it comes to image is the way you dress. Your external appearance is very important for first impressions, and whether or not you’re perceived as professional often hinges on this factor rather than your actual abilities. You can prove your worth once you’re hired, but dressing sharply will help ensure that this happens more often!


Of course, an impressive wardrobe will only get you so far. If you want to really lay it on thick, you’ll need all the bells and whistles too! Accessories, when worn and shown off tastefully (we can’t emphasize that enough) can create a very favorable impression on potential clients. From the car you drive to the watch you wear, a little bit of flash can go a long way!


Be genuine

While it may feature a bit lower on this list, sincerity is of great importance when you’re trying to please your clients. Showing genuine interest in the people you work with and doing everything in your power to make sure that they get the best deal possible will do more to please your clients and colleagues than anything else.


The best way to start improving your skills in this area is to ask your clients questions about themselves. These don’t necessarily have to be particularly deep or profound, just sincere. Ask them how they feel about the work you’ve done for them so far, and how you can improve your services. Do this and you’ll improve your standing with them immediately!


Being genuine doesn’t always mean being friendly, either. Sometimes, being genuine means communicating negative emotions as well. If you’re unhappy about something a client or colleague does, tell them as much in a professional but firm manner. People appreciate someone who speaks their mind, as long as they do it in a considerate manner.


Work with other real estate professionals

There are few professions that tend to be as rigorously competitive as real estate. As one of the most individualistic sectors of commerce, the pressure to see other real estate agents as “the competition” is unavoidable as a real estate agent. If you can resist this pressure and network with other real estate professionals, you stand to gain an immense advantage!


The thing is, most real estate agents don’t actually want to see other real estate agents this way. If you find a real estate agent in your area and approach them, you’ll quickly realize that they’re just as friendly and outgoing as you are, and likely willing to work with you towards a common goal. If you start forming partnerships with other real estate agents instead of trying to beat their sales figures, amazing things are bound to happen!


Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. You likely struggle with certain responsibilities that your work places upon you, just as every other real estate agent does. If you work with other real estate professionals instead of against them, you can help each other compensate for your shortcomings. Using this method, you might just manage to make everyone happy!



While it may be quite a tall order, making sure that your clients leave your office smiling and satisfied is crucial in order to create a good name for yourself and your brokerage. With  the advice we’ve provided you in this article, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to serve each client a little bit better than you did before. We wish you the best of luck!