27 Sep 2023

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Are Yeast Infections During Pregnancy Dangerous? 

Yeast infections during pregnancy are fairly common. According to the APA (American Pregnancy Association), they often occur in the second trimester of pregnancy. Fortunately, there is no evidence that they cause birth defects or pregnancy problems. Symptoms It is important to know and understand the…


What to Know About Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 

The tissues in a human body need oxygen to function properly and heal when injured. When oxygen levels are increased, it improves the rate at which these tissues function and directly influences the rate of healing. This treatment is known as hyperbaric medicine. Hyperbaric Oxygen…


Medical record retrieval 

When you need medical records we take the assignment with serious urgency.  Our SLAs are designed to get the request out in as little as 4 business hours.  Followup calls in as little as 8 business hours.  Our followup policy is designed to give providers…

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Massage Center in Al Jafiliya 

When searching for a spot to loosen up you presumably are considering something past your parlor. That is reasonable, however much we need it to be the house isn’t generally a loosening up air. There are choices however. You can go for a loosening up…


Professional Dentures Melbourne 

At Dental Care Center, we are providing quality Dentures Melbourne to protect teeth from damage due to sudden impact. We understand that the need for a mouthguard is for the man professional sports that injure the face in any contact sport. To ensure the mouth guard is…