25 Jun 2024

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Types of Massage II 

Thai massage Thai massage uses the same principles as shiatsu. The only difference is in the sequence of postures that the therapist puts you through. You will feel like you are doing yoga, only with the help of another person. Thai massage releases more energy…


The Right Flatfoot Treatment for Your Feet 

For a large number of people, the best choice for finding effective and efficient flatfoot treatment is to undergo orthotics. The latest version of orthotics has great features that are designed to offer maximum comfort and support to people suffering from this condition. These devices…


Outcomes Of Recurrent UTI in Females 

https://shailybeautytips.com/outcomes-of-recurrent-uti-in-females/   UTI is very common in women than in men. And recurrence of this infection is as common as the infection itself. If you are one of those unlucky women who experience recurring UTI, this article is for you!

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How to Treat Adult ADHD 

What are the signs that adults have ADHD? This question has bewildered parents and caregivers of adults with ADHD. The fact is, that adults with ADHD have the same symptoms as children with ADHD, but their age is not a factor. Adults have the same…


Orthopedic Physiotherapy: Everything You Need to Know 

Orthopedic manual physiotherapy is a specialization within Physiotherapy. It is intended to evaluate and treat arthro-neuro-muscular dysfunctions. It is based on clinical reasoning, available scientific and clinical evidence, and the biopsychosocial approach of each patient. To do this, he uses very specific evaluation and treatment…

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Lose weight without diet 

To lose weight without dieting, you need to activate your fat metabolism. Yes, but how does that work? In principle it is very simple: • Avoid carbohydrates! • Move! • Train your muscles! Die  Discussion whether carbohydrates are now necessary or not busy many a…


Does IVF Increase the Risk for Ovarian Cancer? 

The most couple like to go with IVF for curing infertility. In the process of infertility, ovarian stimulation is an important aspect. Basically, ovarian stimulation helps to produce several viable eggs as much as possible from woman’s ovaries. After the completion of ovarian stimulation process,…


Date – A Wonder Fruit of Arabia 

Date – A Wonder Fruit of Arabia Dates are the products of the date palm tree which is a food of high healthy benefit. They are utilized plentifully in the long stretch of Ramadan when Muslims quick from day break to sunset. There are different…