DNA Tests for peace of mind have become readily available at affordable costs in India. These tests have primarily benefited in paternity or maternity determination or immigration cases. Such cases and the use of DNA tests to resolve these cases have increased the public’s awareness about an individual’s DNA and the significance of DNA test in India.

DNA testing provides proof of the biological relationship between different individuals. Samples of blood, buccal, hair, semen, etc., can serve the purpose of genetic testing. However, we prefer buccal swab samples. The test participant needs to provide this sample from the inside of their cheek. The method of collection is painless and noninvasive. The swab has a cotton bud on one end, which is rubbed on the inside wall of the cheek.

DNA Test Cost in India
DNA Test Cost in India

Our collection centers across India offer DNA Testing services at reasonable Prices. The exact DNA Test cost in India depends on the type of test you opt for.

  • Paternity Test: A paternity DDNA Test Cost in India DNA Test is available at an affordable Cost in India. It involves comparing the DNA profiles of the child and alleged father to provide proof of their biological relationship. This test is very accurate.
  • Prenatal Paternity DNA Tests: A mother typically opts for this test during her pregnancy phase. The test helps establish the relationship between the unborn child and the presumed father.
  • Ancestry DNA Tests: An ancestry DNA test connects you to your past and reveals exciting facts about your ancestors, native location, etc.
  • Immigration DNA Tests: An immigration DNA test might be demanded by a consular officer from a visa applicant. We offer embassy-approved DNA Testing services at reasonable Prices in India. The cost may vary depending on the type of test and relationship involved and the number of test participants.
  • Organ Transplant DNA Tests: These tests determine the feasibility of an organ transplant between the recipient and potential donor. It is one of the primary steps, and once the profile matches, the donor can transplant an organ and save the recipient’s life.
  • Cell Line Authentication: Cell line authentication requires a cell line sample. This process is significant in many medical examinations, reconstruction drugs, vaccine development, etc.
  • Signature/Handwriting/Fingerprint/Document Verification: A DNA test helps prevent forgery cases that involve documents with fake signatures. It also helps in fingerprint verification, as the fingerprint of each individual is unique; and hence can help in crime investigation, biometrics, etc.

The Cost of a DNA Test in India depends on various factors like the purpose, complexity, number of samples involved, etc. For instance, a legal DNA Test Cost is higher than the DNA test price for peace of mind. Similarly, a relationship DNA Test Price in India for Immigration is higher than the normal relationship DNA Tests.

You may visit any of our collection centers to avail of our DNA testing cost-effective facilities. We also have the provision of home sample collection and online booking services. We maintain the confidentiality of our customers and their information.

Contact DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. to get guidance and information on the type of test you are looking for. Our professionals will guide you through the process and help you with the Cost of DNA Test of your choice.